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Parenting Tips For Parents Born in the Year of The Rabbit

We know what happens when kids are born under the Rabbit Zodiac Sign. What about parents?

Apparently, the Chinese Zodiacs do have an influence on our preferences as parents! Parents born under the Rabbit zodiac sign still retain their peace-loving nature, their affinity for beauty, and their keen sense of discretion. They are infinitely devoted to their children as well (as a result of their nature to deeply and emotionally invest in people) and often teach with an optimistic view of life.

Gender plays a role in how the Rabbit Zodiac manifests in either mom or dad, too.

Moms born under the Rabbit Zodiac

Moms born under the Rabbit Zodiac are described to be beautiful and stylish. How she maintains the coziness of the house, dresses the kids, and even positions things in the home down to the micrometer are all in the name of her concept and standard of elegance or beauty. With kids, she emphasizes an optimistic parenting approach and holds their opinions with great value. She is also the kind of mother who will sit down and needs every little detail to fit perfectly — which may sometimes be intimidating for others.

Dads born under the Rabbit Zodiac

Dads born under the Rabbit Zodiac are known for their cunning and sharp business sense. He does not fit the stereotypical father who raises his voice either. Rather, he is known for educating his children without screaming and causing scandals. Sometimes, the Rabbit-born dad may be to blame for why the kids know how to smooth-talk people into giving them what they want. Dads born under the Rabbit Zodiac also don’t like seeing their kids being idle and will do anything — even join them in beadwork or sports — to get them moving.

A pair of rabbits

Tips for the Parents Under the Rabbit Sign

Knowing one’s Zodiac sign gives some knowledge of self-mastery. Since it does explain some of our preferences, it can be a window to our flaws, too. Here are some parenting tips and tricks for parents born under the Rabbit Zodiac to make the home a safer and more loving space to be in.

1. Restrain yourself from immediately critiquing your kids.

Especially if your kids are born under the zodiac signs of the Rooster, Horse, Monkey, and Dragon, they will be your problem child and will have a different vision of things. It’ll be in your nature to immediately critique based on your innate standards of beauty and peace but, as a Zodiac sign with a strong artistic and emotional sense, you will also know that some of those criticisms may be a bit too much. Hold yourself back for a bit and wait for their explanation before shooting them down. For all you know, they know something you don’t.

2. Accept that the kids are separate from you.

As a parent born under the Rabbit zodiac sign, we have an idea of what a peaceful and perfect home is. But sometimes, we can be passionately protective of that ideal. We might find ourselves yelling or reprimanding our kids for the littlest of things because it disrupts the peace. When in reality, they are developing and experimenting, too. The road to a peaceful home is accepting they are individuals and who knows? Maybe they have a way of making that peace more enjoyable.

3. When choosing activities, take note of their body language than their words.

The Rabbit zodiac sign can make us, parents, forceful in maintaining the status quo that our kids may just agree to what we want because we said so. Yet, their body language will say otherwise. Take note of their eye contact, the fidgeting of their body movement, and even their words of choice and you’ll notice that they may be learning a thing or two about conflict resolution that heavily emphasizes self-sacrifice. It’ll be a bit trial-and-error for a while which is irritating for any parent (even more so for the Rabbit parent!) but, the kids will eventually become more open and know they can trust you.

4. Remember: Sometimes, it’s necessary to rock the boat.

We’re often the type to not confront people about their mistakes and problems. Even more so as parents born under the sign of the Rabbit! There will be times when you and your partner will not agree on the same parenting method. But, keeping it hidden isn’t a good idea especially when the methods contradict each other.

5. Having a “secret friend”.

Feng Shui practitioner and mom Marites Allen shares that each zodiac has a secret friend. For those born in the Year of the Rabbit, it’s those who are born Year of the Dog. “The secret friend will mediate and neutralize the tensions,” Marites explains.

Will a pet dog suffice? “Yes, sometimes having the literal representation helps,” Marites shares.

Challenge of Rabbit Parents: Keep the Peace But Be Open-Minded

Especially in a culture that does not like rocking the boat, all the more it would be our preference as a parent born under the Rabbit zodiac sign. Change may be the hardest thing to cope with for us as Rabbit-born but in a world that’s constantly changing, sometimes the best way to maintain peace is to go along with the flow as there’s also beauty in that!

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