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Parents Should Serve as Role Models for Kids to Eat Properly

Modern Parenting recently interviewed pediatrician Dr. Joselyn Eusebio on how parents can help kids eat properly as they return to face-to-face classes.

Feeding children the right food can be challenging—more so when they start school. But many parents these days are more active in making sure their kids eat properly and that what they eat gives them the right nutrients. Especially now that they are slowly returning to school after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Modern Parenting recently got a chance to talk to Dr. Joselyn Eusebio, a specialist in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, at the Batang Matatag launch. She discussed what parents can do to make sure their kids eat right.

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Parents are now more involved to make kids eat properly

Dr. Eusebio said that one thing she has observed in recent years is that parents are now more active in seeing their kids eat right.

“I think there are more parents now that are conscious of what their children are eating,” Dr. Eusebio shares. “So much so that it’s incorporating it into the academic curriculum of the children so that the children are being taught of the kind of food they should be eating.”

Dr. Eusebio also told Modern Parenting that it helps that moms and dads are the ones prepping their children’s food. “Parents are aware of that. And therefore, parents are the ones preparing the baon of their children. The schools are also selling foods that are supposed to be well-balanced.”

The challenge, however, lies when the kids are outside of school. “We can remind the children about the dos and don’ts of the kind of food they are taking. Education is [still] very important.”

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Parents as role models

To convince children to eat right, Dr. Eusebio said it’s important that parents should be there to guide them.

“I think what’s important is for parents to act as role models,” she emphasizes. “We cannot totally rely on the food that we’re supposed to give but also the fact that a lot of us still belong to the below-average social economic status.”

Although some are financially challenged because of the increasing prices of food and goods, Dr. Eusebio believes it should not hinder families to make meals with a meager income.

“No matter how much we like to provide a well-balanced diet, I guess finances are also a problem. But then again food should not be expensive at all. You can come up with a well-balanced food with just a meager amount of money.”

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