PHOTOS: Leia Valenciano Channels Wednesday Addams for Her Yearbook

Celebrity mom Samantha Valenciano thinks that Leia and she may have taken the yearbook shoot “a little too seriously.”

School yearbook looks are usually uniformed with a toga, a formal look, and a casual look. But considering Leia Valenciano’s spunky personality, she wasn’t going to settle for the usual. It’s “go big or go home” for this little girl as she styled herself based on Wednesday Addam’s fashion palette, even adopting the straight-faced look and posing in some of the character’s signature gothic dance moves.

Leia Valenciano as Wednesday Addams
Source: Samantha G. Valenciano Instagram

“Isn’t black a little too old for a child?”

That’s what most grandparents or some old-fashioned parents would say when they see a child in a little black dress. However, Leia Valenciano’s black dress from Spinkiewear still sports some little white dots that add a playful look along with the flashy ruffles.

According to her mom Samantha Valenciano, she was “trying to make her [Leia] laugh.” The little girl, however, corrected her, saying, “Wednesday does not smile or laugh.” Samantha resigns to the fact that she’s correct but still tries anyway, succeeding in bringing out a small smile from her daughter.

Leia Valenciano as Wednesday Addams
Source: Samantha G. Valenciano Instagram

A yearbook is about leaving a part of yourself behind

Schools will always request the toga and formal shot for the sake of records. But casual shots are probably the most fun for the yearbook season, leaving kids and students to be creative. And with Leia’s spunky personality, there’s no way she’s just going to settle for a casual look!

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