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Drink to Our Health: 4 Reasons to Try Natural Drinks

Natural drinks have a lot of health benefits besides being earth-friendly.

Natural. The mere mention of the word lights up your brain, and words like “healthy”, “nourishing” or “therapeutic” pop in your head. As the world grows more and more conscious about actions—from what we put on or take in to how we raise our kids—people turn back to the tried-and-tested wonders of nature. In beauty and fashion, we gravitate towards all-natural products that nourish the body while being earth-friendly. In food, we’ve become more open to plant-based diets and organic options. 

Skip the sugary alternatives and enjoy the wonders of botanic infusions and superfoods

Then again, when it comes to beverages, natural doesn’t often come top of mind. Most of us still rely on coffee to survive the day. While we have cut back on soda or carbonated drinks, sugary fruit or tea drinks still occupy a large chunk of our supermarket shelves. And let’s not forget our milk tea runs. 

In a time when we need to be more conscious of our health, it’s only ideal to look into botanical infusions and powdered superfoods to complement our changing diet and lifestyle. We run down four reasons why and give top drinks to try. 

1. Healing Powers

Loading up on junk food deprives us from the nutrients needed to function properly. Whole foods replenish our immune system so it can heal and protect our bodies right at the cellular level.  Free of additives, they are absorbed more easily and give us a much-needed break from toxins of processed foods. 

The detoxifying Sekaya Raw Actives Barley Green is rich in fiber, vitamin C, calcium, and iron

Enjoy an invigorating, natural drink with Sekaya Botanic Infusion Gentle Detox. This loose-leaf tea strengthens your body’s daily detoxification processes. A more fiber-rich option comes in Sekaya Raw Actives Barley Green, which makes use of 100% Barley grass as a natural detoxifier. 

2. Cheering Capacity

With the pandemic affecting mental health, people have turned to comfort food to stay sane. “Most of the time, stress eating often leads to low-nutrient foods,” shares Deanna Minich, a mind-body medicine expert. She explains that fried, sugary, refined and processed food can cause inflammation in the body and leads to diseases. These have also been linked to depression and anxiety. 

Sekaya Botanic Infusions target specific health issues by using time-tested botanical blends from around the world, validated by scientific evidence  

Fruits and veggies help counteract this effect, cooling the body and even improving disposition and sleep.  And in these trying times, we all could use some mood-lifting. Keep anxiety levels down with Sekaya Botanic Infusions Cozy Calm, which alleviates mental and physical stress. If you’re looking for something to help you sleep, the delicately minty Easy Nightcap can help achieve peaceful slumber.   

3. Active Boost

As they say, an active lifestyle is best complemented with a proper diet. Of course, we’ll need the right fuel to power through a busy day or an intense workout. On-the-go and athletic individuals can find the right partners in Sekaya Raw Actives Powerbeet, which promises better energy or endurance, or Maca Factor that boosts the body’s ability to adapt to stress.  Meanwhile, Vegan Protein and Pea Protein are loaded with amino acids for those who want to increase protein intake. 

Packed with the wonders of beetroot, Sekaya Raw Actives Power Beet gives better endurance and more energy to bring your A-game

4. Easy Fit

Eating well isn’t necessarily less appetizing. If you’re not a fan of fruits and vegetables, botanic infusions and juices help you increase your nutrient intake in a simple and delicious way. 

With flavorful and convenient options, Sekaya blends in seamlessly into your lifestyle

Backed by science and tested by tradition, Sekaya boasts a finely curated line of plant-based drinks and superfoods that you can seamlessly infuse into your daily lifestyle. Botanic Infusions offer medicinal, botanic loose-leaf infusions with flavors that range from full-bodied and smooth to mellow and minty. As a lineup of powdered superfoods, Raw Actives can be stirred into drinks like water, juices, smoothies, and yogurt for a healthier and more natural drink that doesn’t sacrifice flavor.    

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