Regine Angeles Leaño: The Role of a Lifetime

For model and actress Regine Angeles, raising a baby and a toddler amidst the pandemic presented her with the most important role of her life: mother.  

A career in the entertainment industry had Regine Angeles moving and working almost non-stop. It was when she got pregnant with her firstborn, Alesso, that the model and actress began learning the art of slowing down. Soon after, she conceived a second, just before events of March 2020 presented her with the role of a lifetime. “I became a mom of two in October 2020,” Regine recounts, “I became a stay-at-home since then.”

There parent role in a time of lockdowns and quarantines can be demanding. Most days, 24 hours are not enough to accommodate the slew of functions that come with raising a toddler and a baby. Regine confesses, “It was really hard at first, especially since I was also adjusting. I had to take care of two kids with no help. Luckily my husband shares in the workload at home and with the children.”

Regine’s eldest, three-year-old Alesso, has just recently immersed in distance learning.  After home schooling during earlier formative years, Regine and her husband decided it was time to enroll in online school. The transition required that they too, as parents, immerse in the learning journey of their child. This is not to say that it’s all books and no play. “I’ve learned to entertain my son within the comfort of our home. He likes outdoor activities like biking or riding his scooter so the lockdown was a big adjustment for him.” Regine shares. “Sometimes we bring him to his lolo and lola’s house which is just 10 minutes away.”

The arrival of her daughter Kaia added joy to home life despite it being during a pandemic. “Now that he has a baby sister, Alesso has someone to play with at home,” says Regine. Despite ongoing travel restrictions, she and her husband and already making plans for the next family trip. “We love to travel so we cannot wait for Alesso to experience it again. We already got Kaia a passport become we are super excited to see the world with our two babies,” she enthuses. 

As they await the day when they board for their first family trip with Kaia, Regine remains focused on creating the most loving and nurturing environment for her children to grow up in. “I accepted the fact that I will be a stay-at-home mom for another year or two. And It made me realize that it is so much better that way. I can watch my babies grow and be with them every step of the way,” she intimates. The lead role in the everyday miracles of raising her children is one project she refuses to miss.

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