Nurture Our Kids’ Appreciation For Music With The Return of the Manila Symphony Orchestra

After a 2-year hiatus, the Manila Symphony Orchestra joins the Manila Symphony Junior Orchestra and MSO Music Academy for two performances this June.

One of the things we often teach our kids is how to appreciate music. While we’re not saying the things they listen to are not music, it’s good to expose them to all kinds. Music, in several studies, has proven to improve our kids’ understanding and thinking process significantly. So, it’s quite timely that the Manila Symphony Orchestra is back and will be performing two grand concerts. There’s one for Independence Day and another for Father’s Day.

Papa Mia!

On June 19, 2022 at 5 PM in the Samsung Performing Arts Theater—there’s the Papa Mia Concert, which is free but has a registration in case you want to secure seats. The Manila Symphony Orchestra will be performing with its branches: the Manila Symphony Junior Orchestra and the MSO Music Academy. They’ll be playing a variety of songs from the classics, folklore, and even recent pop orchestra masterpieces like the Themes from 007, Mission Impossible, The Avengers, and Mamma Mia.

The Independence Day Concert

A good time to make learning AP more exciting for our kids, the Manila Symphony Orchestra will be streaming a large variety of artists as they perform on stage. With the direction of Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, we’ll get to see both old and new music. Artists such as Celeste Legaspi, Bituin Escalante, Gab Pangilinan, the Ateneo Chamber singers, and many others will be performing. This will be held on June 12, 2022, at 7 PM and will be streamed through the Metropolitan Theater’s FB.

When the heart is happy, it starts to sing

Music has always brought us joy. And while there are a lot of international concerts coming in, it’s good to also appreciate the artists we have here. Filipinos always had a big heart for the arts. It’s time we showed our appreciation to them and have our kids learn about their own. What better way to make AP more interesting than immersing themselves in the culture they study?

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