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Mom of Roberta Tamondong Encourages Parents To Support Their Children’s Dreams

The mother of newly crowned Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2022 Roberta Tamondong shared that the 19-year-old beauty queen always had a strong character at a young age.

For Wilma Santos Tamondong, seeing her daughter Roberta win the Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2022 title was not just joyful. But it was also a huge sigh of relief. The hard work and challenges they went through were all worth it.

Modern Parenting recently got a chance to interview Wilma. She recalled the challenges and fighting spirit that Roberta or Roan, as she is known to many, showed in her pageant journey starting at 18 years old.

Roberta Tamondong was determined

Wilma shared that when Roan decided to join pageants, she and the family were behind all the way.

“All her competitions were her own choosing. We never pushed her to join a certain pageant. But when she did, she’ll just tell us straightforwardly that she wants to join this pageant. Then that’s the time we get together as a family to discuss her journey for that certain pageant,” she said.

From an early age, Wilma revealed that Roan showed a strong character, which has helped her in her pageant journey.

“When she was a child we knew how strong her character was. We remember when we got called by the principal’s office when Roan had an argument with her fellow male classmates. Because they were bullying a friend of hers and that she threw them both in the trash bin,” Wilma chuckled.

“As to her mental state, we told her not to entertain bashers or any negative vibes. Just focus on the disciplines which are her posture, pasarela, and communication skills. We together with her Team Roberta will provide the rest.”

Concerns as a parent

But like any parent, Wilma and her husband had their concerns for their daughter. At one point after winning Miss Eco Teen, Wilma encouraged Roan to first resume her studies. She also said that they had worries about their privacy as a family.

“Our family is really very private. But because Roan is now a public figure, we are still adjusting to the overwhelmingly positive and negative reactions from people mostly we don’t even know,” Wilma said of the attention. “We’re very pleased and humbled but still not used to it though.”

Aside from privacy, Wilma said that joining pageants are expensive and require a lot of money. She is thankful they have support from people who believe in Roan.

“We realized that joining pageants will need funds for her everyday dresses, makeup, shoes, training, personality developments, transportation, and other needs. But in the course of time, especially during Binibini, we got designers like Louie Pangilinan, Lanny Liwag, and PROMEDIA under Paul Izon Reyes that sponsored most of her needs during the competition. And we are truly very grateful for them.”

Roberta Tamondong
Roberta Tamondong IG Reel

Wilma Tamondong: Encourage your children to go after their dreams

With Roan representing the Philippines in the Miss Grand International competition in October, Wilma is proud of how her daughter has been taking all the attention and expectations thrown at her.

“We’re amazed at how lively she’s projected herself on camera,” Wilma admitted. “We asked her that she should not let things get into her head. For her, the crown is like power and it comes with great responsibility to herself and to others as well.”

Moreover, she gave some tips for parents whose children may want to follow in Roan’s footsteps or join a contest in the future.

“As parents, we strive to give our children the best. If you see or if they tell you any ambitions or interest they either in education or sports, please support and encourage them,” Wilma said. “It’s a good sign if, at an early age, they have ambitions in life. They will excel with your support and encouragement.”

“Like our daughter Roan, we encourage and support her because she loves pageantry and she embraced her passion. That’s what makes her very special and makes her a winner.”

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