Roxanne Barcelo Introduces Her Second Son

In a vlog, Roxanne gave a quick tour of her home in Taiwan and introduced the newest member of her family, her son Theo.

Roxanne Barcelo is back to vlogging and is now a mom of two. In a vlog posted on April 13, the singer and actress introduced her second son, named Theo.

“For the past months, I’ve been on maternity leave and I gave birth a few days before my birthday to this little boy,” she said, showing a glimpse of Theo during a quick home tour of their apartment in Taiwan.

“I’m so excited to introduce to you our second son, Theo, named after his great-grandfather and grandfather.”

Roxanne shared that her father’s name is Antonio while her grandfather is named Theodore, giving her son the name Theodore Antonio.

Theo joins big brother Cinco.

Roxanne Barcelo with her second son Theodore Antonio

Life away from showbiz

Since relocating to Taiwan with her husband Jiggs and their kids, Roxanne Barcelo has kept a low profile except for sharing snippets on social media and on her YouTube channel. She first announced the pregnancy in September.

Roxanne confirmed her relationship with Jiggs back in December 2020, when she shared that she was already married. She has been quite private about her married life until she slowly introduced Jiggs and Cinco to her followers.

Aside from Click, Roxanne Barcelo has appeared in movies like Abay Babes and TV series such as Los Bastardos and Wildflower.

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