We’re in Love with Sam Pinto’s New Breastfeeding-Friendly Swimwear!

Celebrity mom Sam Pinto-Semerad posted a sneak peek of Sirena Swimwear’s collaboration with MUM on Instagram.

Finding breastfeeding-friendly clothes is already frustrating for moms. Imagine having to find nursing-friendly swimwear when one goes to the beach! But early this morning, celebrity mom and co-owner of Sirena (along with Erika Hocson), Sam Pinto-Semerad, dropped a sneak peek of swimwear pieces that are perfect for breastfeeding moms. A lover of all things water and a mom to the adorable Mia Aya, Sam Pinto-Semerad offers these fashionable and functional pieces to help moms feel more confident on the beach.

Sam Pinto's latest Breastfeeding-friendly Swimwear!
Sam Pinto-Semerad and Erika Hocson

Swimwear for All Kinds of Moms

The majority of the reasons why moms have a hard time is because some breastfeeding clothes are too obvious. While many moms understand the frustration, it’s not fun to have when trying to enjoy a day in the sun. It’s why Sam Pinto designed the swimwear to look good on all moms—including those who are no longer breastfeeding.

They come in these cute neutral and warm colors, too!

Enjoying the sun and water while still being a mom!

When it comes to fashion, moms love something that can withstand the test of time and trend. We don’t want to buy pieces that eventually lose their function, which is what happens to most of our breastfeeding-friendly clothes. But with Sam Pinto-Semerad’s new and chic breastfeeding-friendly swimwear, it looks like we’ll have swimwear to last us beyond our breastfeeding years. Check them out on Sirena Swimwear when you can!

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