Second Skin: Why making the switch to bamboo cloth will change your life

Here’s how bamboo cloth changed my life and why you should try it too!

Mom-life never stops and I often get asked by friends without children, “How do you survive with so little sleep?” My initial reaction is always to laugh because there is no other way to answer it — we simply have no choice but to survive.

When our early risers are up, they’re hyped up and ready for the day. Having breastfed my firstborn for a year then getting pregnant soon after, I am definitely in need of sleep. Currently, I am breastfeeding my newborn. Both my children are teething and going through growth spurts, so every minute of restorative sleep on my bed is precious.

Like most parents with young children, I’ve been homebound with my kids since mid-March. I’ve left the house as little as possible and what that has done was made me hyper-focus on the comfort and efficiency of the home. Who else has rearranged their homes more times in the last 4 months than they have in the last year? Aside from that, I have realized that most of my clothes aren’t suitable for home wear unless the air conditioners run 24/7. We’ve gone through summer and are slowly entering the monsoon season yet our days are still very warm. 

Last year, I tried my first set of bamboo sheets and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’ve switched my bedding and wardrobe to bamboo, I’ve tried so many brands, and I’m never looking back. It’s like a second skin. In addition to bamboo fabric being ultra soft and cooling, it is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly—a perfect fabric choice for our little ones. 

Here are some brands that I have invested in, tried and tested.

Bamboo Clothing

Who has daytime pajamas and nighttime pajamas? Linen and Homes (IG @linenandhomes) is most known for their amazing bamboo sheets, but they also have an array of bamboo lounge wear and robes.

Linen and Homes bamboo sheets and pillowcases

For the stylish set who believe comfort and style are equally important, fashion designer Dona Lim (IG @dona.lim) has a bamboo clothing line that will make dressing up effortlessly cool.

Bamboo T-Shirt Dress by Dona Lim

For expectant moms with growing bellies there’s a line called The Little K. They make stylish yet functional maternity and breastfeeding pajamas. They accommodate different body types and the growing belly. I am 9 months postpartum and I still love my Little K pajamas, purchased from The Parenting Emporium (IG @theparentingemporium).

Bamboo breastfeeding top by the Little K

For breastfeeding moms, Iflin Baby (IG @iflinbabyph) makes an array of bamboo products including some of my favorite breastfeeding covers, burp cloths, towels and blankets. One of my favorite products is their My Stylish Bamboo Burp & Bib, a 2-layer

Iflin bamboo burp bib with stay-put straps

silky-soft bamboo muslin with extra soft padding in-between making it super comfy for the baby to rest their little heads on your shoulders while burping. I love that they have a stay-on neck strap that helps burp cloths stay in place and avoid falling off the floor—because who doesn’t drop their burp cloth?!

For infants, one of my favorite brands is Nappi Baby (IG @nappibabyph), and they specialize in premium bamboo baby essentials. I was gifted their newborn set and their onesies, mittens, booties, muslins, and blankets are buttery soft and cozy. Recently, they launched their bamboo face masks for adults and toddlers, and we use them every day.

Nappi Baby bamboo toddler mask

Bamboo Bebe is so comfortable that you’ll never have to struggle while dressing your toddlers because they love it too. Bamboo Bebe started out as Korea’s first maker of bamboo diapers, and they also designed a line for babies and toddlers. Their founder, Lim Jae-Kyung, was looking for the material that would be the safest and softest for babies’ skin and he concluded that bamboo cloth was it! Bamboo Bebe is available at Mighty Baby (IG @mightybaby)

Bamboo Bebe toddlers clothing

Bamboo Beddings

Good news is aside from clothes, they also make beddings out of bamboo cloth. My bed is my refuge and there’s nothing like the feeling of being tucked under the cool and ultra luxurious bamboo sheets. Linen and Homes makes bedtime even more of a treat. Since getting our first set of sheets from them, I switched all our bedding to bamboo, kids’ beds included. I clearly remember the first time my toddler laid on his bed when I put his new Linen and Homes bamboo sheets on. He had a huge smile and started to roll around as if making snow angels—he definitely felt the difference.

Linen and Homes bamboo mattress topper and cooling cover

I thought life was great with the Linen and Homes bamboo sheets but since summer started, I noticed that my memory foam mattress absorbed a lot of heat during the day and left us waking up from night sweats. My toddler and I developed heat rashes so I needed to find a solution. Since adding the Linen and Home memory foam mattress topper that comes with a cooling removable cover, our sleep has been so much more restful.

The mattress topper is a great way to rejuvenate and upgrade your current mattress with two inches of memory foam adding comfort and relieving pressure. It is a game changer! The cooling removable cover adds airflow, whisking away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer nights, and saves your mattress from accidents. It’s a family investment that’s totally worth it. 

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