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SEDA Vertis North Celebrates 6 Years Of Catering to Families

SEDA Vertis North celebrates its 6th year as a prime hotel of choice for families who live in the north.

While the South of Metro Manila is home to many professionals and lifestyle icons, the North is home to many families who wish for a quieter life. Although some of the bigger malls have added a bit of clamor, SEDA Vertis North creates a prime environment for families and business owners to celebrate their various milestones. From their buffet in Misto to their Straight Up Bar, SEDA Vertis North is one of the few prime hotels within the area that offers families a luxury staycation within close quarters and even walking distance of several shopping malls.

SEDA Vertis North Celebrates 6 Years Of Catering to Families

Becoming a Favored Haven for Businesses and Families Alike

For over six years in Quezon City, families enjoyed various amenities that SEDA Vertis North offered to create more happy, core memories. There are simply some moments in our lives as families that are worth spending a little more on. When wedding receptions and debuts gather family members from different provinces to celebrate, or business meetings need a calm night bar to negotiate, the hotel has answered all those demands with its ballrooms and poolside bar, winning the Luxury Hotel of the Year 2023 – Quezon City by the South East Asia Business Awards.

As part of the AyalaLand chain of hotels, it also implements policies of sustainability. Some of their policies include joining the Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) wherein they reduce food waste by identifying surplus food from their buffets and safely distributing it to families from famished communities.

SEDA Vertis North Celebrates 6 Years Of Catering to Families

Creating More Lifestyle Hubs and Communities

Although hotels have various amenities, some families struggle to enjoy their stay because it’s difficult to access other places. It then affects the fun of the staycation, but with the shopping malls, restaurants, and also one of the main train stations nearby, SEDA Vertis North adds a haven amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy commute and lifestyle area. And for the many families up north, it’s the perfect staycation area that’s not too far from home!

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