Shakira Talks About Her Family and Separation

Shakira, who separated from football star Gerard Pique, opened up about her family, a new album, and protecting her sons.

Global pop star Shakira has endured several setbacks in the past few months. Aside from her separation from her longtime partner, Spanish football star Gerard Pique, she is also facing accusations of tax evasion. Despite the setbacks, Shakira remains optimistic and is protecting her family, particularly her two children Milan and Sasha, from all the drama she’s facing. The singer recently talked to Elle Magazine for its October issue, where she got candid about her separation, healing, and dropping a new album—her first in five years.

Shakira on separating from Gerard Pique

In the Elle interview, Shakira opened up about the separation, describing it as a dark hour.

“It’s hard to talk about it, especially because I’m still going through it, and because I’m in the public eye and because our separation is not like a regular separation,” she said. “And so it’s been tough not only for me but also for my kids. Incredibly difficult. I have paparazzi camping outside, in front of my house, 24/7. And there’s not a place where I can hide from them with my kids, except for my own house.”

The “Chantaje” singer said that she tries to protect and shield her kids from the public interest. “I try to conceal the situation from them as much as I can. It’s really upsetting for two kids who are trying to process their parents’ separation. And sometimes I just feel like this is all a bad dream and that I’m going to wake up at some point. But no, it’s real. And what’s also real is the disappointment to see something as sacred and as special as I thought was the relationship I had with my kids’ father and see that turned into something vulgarized and cheapened by the media.”

On top of her separation, Shakira had to deal with the sickness of her father. But despite the challenges, Shakira has a message for women going through struggles.

“For those women like me who believe in values like family who had the dream, the big dream of having a family forever, to see that dream broken or shredded into pieces is probably one of the most painful things that you can ever go through. But I think that we women—we are resilient. You know, we have this resiliency that is just innate in all of us. And we are meant to nurture and to take care of those who depend on us.”

Photo from Shakira IG

Shakira on her new album

Moreover, Shakira spoke about doing a new album, her first since 2017. The album is composed of English and Spanish songs in different genres.

“I’m really, really thrilled about not only the body of work that I have right now to share with the people who are waiting for it, but also how gratifying the whole process has been for me. How therapeutic as well,” she said.

When asked to emphasize how the album has been her therapy, the “Waka Waka” hitmaker said it helped that writing the music gave her that feeling to release everything.

“It just helps me process my emotions and make sense of them. And it helps me to heal. I think it’s the best medicine, and along with the love of my family and my kids that sustains me, music and writing music is definitely one of those tools—one of the few tools I have for survival in extreme conditions.”

Shakira is thankful that aside from her family and kids, some of her close friends in the music industry have been checking up on her. Friends include Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Juan Luis Guerra, and Alejandro Sanz.

“Their support has made me feel that I might be alone, but I am not lonely. Sometimes, a woman can be enough. I can be enough at this point for myself and for my family, for my kids,” Shakira said.

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