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Sharifa Akeel Donating Breastmilk Shows How New Moms Can Support One Another

Beauty queen and new mom Sharifa Akeel shared on Instagram an act that goes a long way for new moms: donating breastmilk.

People and studies have always preached that “breast is best” and that can be a big burden on a new mom. With hormones settling down, and the stress of welcoming a new chapter of her life, all these stresses can inhibit a mom’s ability to produce breastmilk which can be another source of anguish in itself. But there are some ways new moms can help one another and that’s if they have excess, they can donate their breastmilk! As a new mom, beauty queen Sharifa Akeel opens up about it as she gives a life update.

“I have always been a giver all my life, at di ko lang expect na by being a mom, I am still able to share what I have. My days will always be like this in the next 6 months,” she shares.

Sharifa Akeel Donating Breastmilk Shows How New Moms Can Support One Another
Source: sharifaakeel Instagram

How Breastmilk Donations Help

Not all pregnancies end smoothly and with the various complications, it can mess up a mom’s ability to produce breastmilk. Premature pregnancies, breast cancer treatments like chemotherapy, or simply mental and emotional distress from various sources can shut off the tap. That’s a big badge of shame for any mom who has memorized by heart the benefits of breastfeeding their babies which we also know is not her fault if it’s not working!

Besides, there are some healthy benefits to draining the supply of breastmilk. It prevents breast engorgement which can become painful and more susceptible to infection. But there are various reasons why this happens; sometimes, the baby doesn’t drink everything in one go and that’s pretty normal!

So what do we do with the excess breast milk? Donate it because that’s still loaded with antibodies and nutrients which any baby can use! Breastmilk isn’t like a lock and key wherein only one key works per lock. Every baby benefits from breastmilk, whether it’s donated or from their mother. The important part is, babies need to feed. It’s why Sharifa Akeel sees her ability to produce excess as a blessing.

“It warms my heart knowing na I am able to breastfeed my daughter and help other babies at the same time. Allah has been so good to us that we just can’t help but be generous sa mga babies na need ng breastmilk lalo na for health reasons.”

Sharifa Akeel Donating Breastmilk Shows How New Moms Can Support One Another
Source: sharifaakeel Instagram

New moms (may) need support!

Breastfeeding has a mix of ups and downs for a new mom. Sometimes, moms have a smooth time since the babies latch on easily. Others may not have such an easy time if their babies are more fussy or if some complications happened prior. But one thing’s for sure, we know that breastmilk is also known as “liquid gold” and we know how valuable gold is! It may not sparkle like jewelry and diamonds but it’s what keeps one of our most precious people alive: our babies. So don’t throw the excess, find a new mom who needs it! Every new mom needs a village and that’s one way a village can help her and her baby survive.

Currently, in the Philippines, four hospitals have operational breastmilk banks: Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital (DJFMH), the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC), The Medical City, and the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

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