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Sheena Halili-Manzanero is Pregnant With Baby No. 2!

The celebrity mom of 1 Sheena Halili-Manzanero revealed that she is pregnant with baby no. 2 with a maternity shoot photo!

It looks like Martina will be a big sister soon with celebrity mom Sheena Halili-Manzanero now pregnant with baby no. 2! The celebrity mom just dropped the news recently by uploading what looks like a snap from a maternity shoot. She writes, “My body, a miraculous vessel of life, blooms again! Hello baby no. 2! 🌷” The celebrity mom of one soon-to-be two proudly showcases her baby bump in a pair of jeans.

Atty. Jeron Manzanero, Sheena’s husband, expresses his excitement in the post’s comment section. “Let’s do this!!! ❤❤❤ I love you!”

Life lately with Sheena Halili-Manzanero

Even with a new baby on the way, celebrity mom Sheena Halili-Manzanero still holds her “dates” with Martina sacred. Unfortunately not feeling well on the day after Valentine’s, she shared in a post how the holiday of love has always been a 3-day affair for them. After she and Jeron have their date, Martina gets to go on a mommy-daughter date and a daddy-daughter one on the following days!

Napaka-importante na nakakasama mo ng solo ang anak mo at ang asawa mo! Yung kayong dalawa lang ang naguusap at nakikilala niyo lalo ang isa’t-isa!” Sheena writes. “Kaya, every year ng February 15, si Martina naman ang i’date niya ♥️”

Besides, her daughter, Martina, seems to have taken a lot after her mom! In many of Sheena Halili-Manzanero’s posts on Instagram, the little girl appears to share her mom’s love for the camera. She often dances in the celebrity mom’s reels, even having her first recital last July 2, 2023.

Although the celebrity mom has remained mum about the gender of her second baby, many of her mom-friends in the entertainment industry like fellow celebrity girl-mom Jessy Mendiola, Ryza Cenon, Dianne Medina, and Jolina Magdangal congratulated her.

Congratulations on the new baby!

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