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Shell V-Power Reveals Piolo Pascual As Newest Brand Ambassador

Like how celebrity dad Piolo Pascual gives his all in his career, Shell does the same for his car.

Last February 8, it was a big celebration and launch for the Shell V-Power brand as it revealed its latest formulation for fuel. Filled with lights and music, the party was also a big celebration for Shell V-Power’s newest brand ambassador: celebrity dad and multihyphenate Piolo Pascual. Considering he’s a man who has to juggle a lot between fatherhood and his career, he needs to make sure everything he has—including his car—offers its 100%.

Piolo Pascual with the Shell V-Power Team

“You need to give your all.”

Celebrity dad Piolo Pascual knows the value of keeping his car in tip-top shape, saying it’s akin to taking care of your body. “It feels different when the car is at 100%, it’s not vibrating or anything. There’s that trust that you can get anywhere. You need to make sure that it can take that kind of job.”

Knowing that his car is protected allows Piolo to keep his mind focused on more important things. Whether it’s fatherhood or his career, making sure the car has the right fuel that doesn’t break your engine can at least remove car problems as one of the lingering issues of any gear-mom or dad. Shell V-Power’s latest formulation fuels the car and keeps the engine clean for future performance by removing any deposits that can mess up the engine’s functions, making sure that long family vacations or even work trips are not a hassle.

It’s 100% or nothing with cars

A car is like an extension of one’s body. It gets you to places, but it also breaks down when we don’t care for it. While sometimes it’s easier to just fuel up anywhere, it saves us a lot of stress when we care for the car by being more aware of what we put in it. Besides, nobody enjoys having a car breakdown in the middle of a family trip. Shell V-Power’s latest formulation offers “100% or nothing”, making sure that the car is always in top shape to get families everywhere.

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