Slick Rick on Being a Father: Like an Added Super Power

Boys Night Out DJ and host Slick Rick may be funny on the radio. But how is he when it comes to parenting?

Eric Virata—known as Slick Rick—on Magic 89.9’s Boys Night Out (BNO) is 1 of 4 men (the others being DJs Sam YG, Toni Tony, and Gino Quillamor). All are known to have loud personalities on the show. But when it comes to parenting, Slick Rick is like any other father—always looking out for his family.

Modern Parenting recently talked to Slick Rick on life as a dad, who he is when not busy with hosting duties, and the story behind the Dad Squad PH.

Slick Rick on life as a dad

One value Slick Rick has been teaching his son is the importance of time—something his father also taught him.

“I’ve taught him the value of time. How not to be late and how to prepare ahead of time. Doc and I share that value. We are never late and we don’t like people waiting for us. Perfect match,” he told us.

When it comes to disciplining his son, his wife is the one handling it. “Usually, I’m the good cop. But there are times we switch roles depending on the situation,” he chuckled.

And how has it been since becoming a dad? “It’s everything I’ve hoped for and more. It’s been a learning process and I’m very hands-on.”

Slick Rick and family
Photo from DJ Slick Rick

Like an added superpower

For Slick Rick, men his age are now more open when it comes to helping out in raising kids. He also shares that being a father has changed him a lot.

“Being a dad is like an added superpower. You see what your dad went through and how you handle things. Oh yes, men now are more open to helping out because we realize that it takes two to make things right,” he states.

“You have to be there to help out your wife because she also has it tougher. So anything I can do to help Doc, I’ll do it.”

When it comes to parenting stereotypes, Slick Rick says it’s important to talk to people who can help break the barriers.

Slick Rick and son
Photo from DJ Slick Rick

“You have to open up to people you trust. You have to have those people that have your back no matter what and won’t judge you for crying or sharing your feelings,” he says. “That’s what a real man does—speak your emotions and ask for help. I have BNO and I also have 3 or 4 more guys that I can really talk to. I love having them in my life.”

Photo from DJ Slick Rick

Just like everyone else at the start of the lockdown, Slick Rick had challenges as jobs were halted and he and the other guys of BNO had to adapt and adjust.

“It was tough and still is difficult because of all the things we lost during the pandemic,” he admits. “I mean—hosting-wise and campaign-wise, I wouldn’t sugar coat it and say it was okay. But there are tough times and it’s getting better.”

“As a group, we bond more together at the station and we are seen out as Boys Night Out. We are always makulit on our chat groups and even more when we see each other outside the station.”

Photo from DJ Slick Rick

Dad Squad PH

It’s not only BNO and his family that keeps Slick Rick busy. Aside from bonding with the BNO guys, he and a group of friends who are dads formed a group called the Dad Squad PH. Asked about the group, he answers, “It’s just a bunch of guys that are friends but are also dads. It’s easy to become a father but difficult to become a dad.”

“It’s been an idea I’ve had for a long time now. You see a lot of high-profile mom groups but no dad groups. So I hope it will become even bigger than I could imagine.”

When he’s not busy being a dad and doing BNO duties, who is he away from work? “A bum!” he laughs. “I like to play video games and watch a lot of sports like the NBA. I’ve been writing and voicing for them for the last two or three seasons and it’s made me love it even more.” 

And as his son grows up, Slick Rick said he’s looking forward to a lot of things. After all, having a kid has changed his lifestyle.

“I’m excited to see what’s new with my son every day. I learn something new about his personality and more,” he shares. “I love spending time with him, playing video games, going to the mall, and building Lego.”

Photo from Dad Squad Ph

“He’s such a character and I’d give my life for him. I pray that he grows up healthy and intelligent. I love him so much. And I never knew I could love someone like this, of course, like my wife but that’s a given. There are good days and bad days but any day you’re a dad is awesome.”

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