Smile Train’s First Filipino Speech Therapy app now live!

Smile Train creates the first Filipino Speech Therapy app. Complete with translations and all!

Having your kid go to Speech Therapy doesn’t mean he’ll forever be unable to communicate. It simply means he needs a little help to get on track. Everyone needs a little help. There are different kinds of therapy. Occupational, physical – why do we not treat Speech the same way?

Speech Therapy is not limited to just learning how to speak. Some of this includes helping them process sentences, statements, reading books, and figures of speech. Speech delay can occur in different forms.

Creating apps for Filipino Speech

Smile Train PH's original use

Most of the time, therapists conduct the session in English. However, the Smile Train had their app translated into Filipino. While meant for babies with a cleft, the app helps also in teaching children their native language. There’s also the issue of this pandemic where telehealth has become a necessity.

 “Technology has allowed us at Smile Train to deliver the speech therapy needs of children with cleft throughout this pandemic. Safety is our foremost priority. I am glad that this app allows us to safely serve the needs of these kids in the comfort and safety of their own homes,” said Smile Train’s South East Asia Director Kimmy Flaviano.

Smile Train PH games

Because of telehealth, people could now consult with doctors without endangering their lives. Families don’t need to go to the hospital to consult while fearing the COVID-19 infection. They have Google Meet, Viber, and other chat room apps that give them access.

Even though there are chat rooms, there are still not enough healthcare tools to cater to the different aspects. Although telehealth allows consultation, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a cure. At times, we end up using Dr. Google which causes more anxiety than it should.

Smile Train’s app aims to help kids love and enjoy Filipino. Filipino isn’t the language just for addressing maids. It’s meant to help children never forget their roots.

To download the app, you can use Google Playstore or the Apple Store. For more information, you can check out their website.

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