‘May the 4th Be With You’: A Guide to Throwing A Star Wars-Themed Birthday

As a classic pop culture icon from the sci-fi genre, Star Wars is probably the dream theme for every kid’s birthday. Here’s how to throw one!

Because of its storytelling and the clear plot of good versus evil, Star Wars’ popularity has transcended generations. Baby boomers grew up with Episodes 4-6, the millennials grew up with Episodes 1-3, and Gen Z and Alpha grew up with Episodes 7-9 along with the spin-offs. So, it’s not a surprise that our kids (and maybe some younger parents) would like to throw a Star Wars-themed birthday!

But how does one throw a birthday with such a futuristic theme? Here’s a guide to throwing the best Star Wars-themed birthday bash ever!

1. Choose a party venue with a lot of space and physical activities!

While adults appreciate the storytelling, kids love the action scenes where the Jedi and Sith duel in a battle of good versus evil. There’s a lot of jumping, swinging of swords, shooting of enemy robots, and the like — and lucky for parents, many venues within the metro that offer enough space for that kind of simulation. It’s also a sweet bonus if the place already looks like a fun sci-fi-themed place!

2. Upon entry, let the kids choose between two foam swords: Red or Blue.

In the Star Wars universe, the color of the character’s sword shows what side they’re on. If it’s blue or green, they’re part of the Jedi — defenders of the galaxy and all that is good. Red sabers are for the Sith — they are the most powerful but also the most terrifying warriors in the galaxy who fight for the Dark Side of the Force. Kids will definitely enjoy the duels with their foam swords.

We suggest foam since it’s softer and balloon swords are prone to popping. However, some foam swords have sticks inside so they’ll keep their shape. To prevent the foam blades from coming off, we recommend gluing it or taping it on so the kids don’t poke each other’s eyes out!

3. Clone Trooper cookies!

Clone troopers are highly-trained soldiers dispatched for battle or war in the Star Wars series. The best part is — their helmets are an easy design with only two colors: white and black. Those can serve as the “face” of the cookies and most bakeshops are most likely familiar with the concept. If not, it’s also easy to search for an image on the internet.

4. Dress up as one of the characters.

Dads will not deny how cool it was to see Darth Vader walk in, accompanied by his personal entourage of clone troopers, with the Imperial March playing. At some point, they probably thought about doing this also for their kids’ birthday and now’s their chance. But if we’re not ready to invest in a costume, there are some costume stores like Skitzo Manila that offer rentals!

Besides, kids will probably forget all the food and music during their birthday. But they’ll never forget how “Darth Vader” or the “Mandalorian” marched in and wished them happy birthday.

5. Choreographed saber fights!

The lightsaber duels are probably why the kids got into Star Wars in the first place. While birthdays often have dancers, singers, and magicians throughout the birthday, a lightsaber duel will definitely make the birthday more memorable for the kids. Don’t worry, the professionals who do this usually choreograph the falls and the clashes so they’re not in any real danger.

Some parents may even ask actual martial arts practitioners to perform as lightsaber fighting is based on some real-life martial arts.

6. Have two backdrops: one showing the Jedi Council Room and the other one with clone troopers.

For photobooth purposes, instead of just having a wall: have one show the Jedi council room and the other one with clone troopers. That way, the kids can choose: to have a seat as one of the most highly respected members of the galaxy or to be the leader of one of the most fearsome armies. Although there are generic ones sold on Lazada or Shoppee that are printed on cloth, some offer to customize them!

7. Star Wars tumblers for giveaways!

Tumblers are all the rage now and it’s not hard to find a store that can produce these Star Wars-themed ones in bulk! We can even create one in blue and the other in red to match the “lightsabers” the kids picked before entering the party. Or, if they want something more neutral, put everyone’s favorite droids — C3PO and R2D2 — on the tumblers instead!

The Important Part of a Star Wars Birthday: The Immersion!

The best part about throwing a Star Wars-themed birthday is how easy it is to find people who can design the pieces. Besides the designs being readily available online, many of these people have probably watched the series themselves. Although some have gone as far as reading Star Wars Legends, party planners are more or less familiar with the film series so it won’t be hard to source the decorations.

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