How To Make The Best Brownies EVER

Attention chocolate lovers: get the lowdown from pastry chef Tara Lane on the secret to making the brownies of your dreams…

What is your dream brownie? Everyone has their favorites (mine is chewy AND fudgy), and the key to achieving the texture you’re looking for is the right balance of dry to liquid ingredients. 

How to choose a recipe to follow

So, to begin and to know what to look for when you’re browsing the best brownie recipes: you get the fudgiest brownies using just melted chocolate, cakey brownies use cocoa powder, and chewy brownies are usually a combination of the two. Yup, it’s that simple.

Flour is another key thing to note when choosing your ideal recipe: the less flour, the denser and fudgier your brownie will be. The more flour, the cakier the brownie.

This recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction is seriously the fudgiest and chewiest I’ve tried and only requires 1 bowl! And, it uses both cocoa powder and chopped unsweetened chocolate. I also love this recipe from Smitten Kitchen (just use unsweetened chocolate for this one) and it only takes 10 minutes to make.

best brownies brownies freshly baked
When it comes to brownies, it’s all about the chocolate

Use good chocolate! 

The best brownies are literally ALL about the chocolate, so if you skimp on your cocoa powder or chocolate, you will never get the ultimate chocolate brownie you are looking for. Whether you use a combo of cocoa powder or chocolate bars/chips use the best quality you can get your hands on and you will taste the difference. 

Butter vs. oil 

Most recipes call for one or the other, but what’s the difference? Butter is the more flavourful choice for sure, it also tends to create a cakier brownie (due to the lactic acid it contains) when its used with leavening agents like baking powder. Oil on the other hand has a more neutral flavour and does not react in the same way, thus creating a chewier/fudgy brownie. 

best brownies brownies in a bowl
Don’t have a baking pan? Why not bake ’em in a bowl?

What you need to know about baking the best brownies:

Don’t take it out of the oven when it isn’t ready!

The most important tip of all: take the brownie out of the oven when a few moist crumbs stick to your test toothpick (stuck into the middle of your brownies), NOT when it comes out completely clean! Remember that your brownies will continue to cook while your pan cools down to room temperature after you take them out of the oven so this tip is really key. 

Also, you need to wait for your brownies to cool down COMPLETELY before cutting into them (I know, it’s hard) this ensures perfectly cut brownies.

Lining your baking dish or pan will make cutting so much easier

Line your baking dish properly – using either a non-stick spray or butter spray your baking dish and then line it with enough parchment paper to that there is an overhang, this makes it much easier to remove the brownies out of the pan to slice up when ready.

Take it to the next level

Want to make your best brownies even better? Mix in some extra chocolate chunks, swirl in some of your favourite spreads (Nutella, duh), or sprinkle some of your favourite nuts on top before baking and take your brownies to the next level.

Gluten-free or dairy-free?

Sub in your flour for some coconut flour and oil/butter with coconut oil — it tastes good and is good for you! 

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