The Legaspi Family Share The Importance of Skin Care

The Legaspi family knows that looking presentable and camera-ready is always important in the entertainment industry, especially when your photos are often taken and posted on social media or put in publications.

This story about the Legaspi family first came out in Modern Parenting’s 2022 print edition.

Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi know this all too well. Having started their careers in their teens, they know the value of having good skin. This is also a piece of advice the couple has shared with their twins Mavy and Cassy.

Carmina, who has appeared in commercials, recalled her challenges with pimples and breakouts. “As a teen, you’re really going to go through acne and breakouts. I would try to treat it with products and sometimes it even resolves on its own—but usually, it leaves scars. I definitely recommend seeking help from a Dermatologist,” she said. “It’s a big factor and I’m so happy we have Luminisce and Doc Kaycee now. Inaalagaan niya talaga yung buong pamilya—since 2015! I’m also happy that my children have Doc Kaycee as they go through their teen years.”

For Zoren, his favorite has always been the Luminisce Luxury Facial. This facial is a treatment his son Mavy goes for as well.

“Feeling mo talagang fresh,” Zoren desribes the treatment. “But the biggest relief? Mavy had an extreme breakout—to the point na gusto ko na-ipa albularyo! But I said no, we need professional help. I’m so glad we went to Doc Kaycee.”

Carmina Villaroel

Carmina adds, “Mavy is so fair, kitang-kita yung pimples, yung namumula. After yung acne niya, siyempre ang kasunod niyan are scars. Doc Kaycee treated everything! But enough about Mavy! My favorite is the White Blanc Laser. There’s less heat and it’s a very relaxing gentle laser. The result? Flawless.”

Both Mavy and Cassy are grateful to Luminisce for taking care of their skin. As showbiz’s newest faces, the twins are aware of the importance of always looking presentable.

“During my younger years, I struggled with acne. In my journey, I recall my mom losing hope, too, because she tried everything to resolve my acne. My parents would feel my frustration with
it,” Mavy revealed.

“My mom said she’ll bring me to the clinic, but in my perspective at the time, it’s hopeless. Ayoko na, ayaw na, because of the pimples and the red scars. But at Luminisce kasi, hindi lang siya procedure-procedure. You would feel yung care, yung relationship. I felt like there was hope. Doc Kaycee is very humble, and she treats you like family. You have no idea how thankful we all are for Luminisce.”

Cassy, on the other hand, admits to being consistent in going to the clinic. Moreover, she knows that as early as now, it is essential to take care of one’s skin.

“I’m on TV and everyone has something to say about how I look. After going to Luminisce, it made

me realize that it should be part of my lifestyle— taking care of my skin. And the thing is, it’s not even just to look good. I feel like when you take care of your skin, it also means you’re taking care of yourself. You will feel good about yourself when you #skinvest.”

The whole family agrees that whether on camera or not, people should take care of their skin.

Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi

“With our lifestyles, it’s a necessity. But you know, maging artista ako or hindi, I will take care of my skin,” Zoren shared. “For me, it’s super relaxing whenever I go to Luminisce. On top of that, I see it as part of good hygiene.”

“You have to feel good to look good,” Carmina advises. “Since it’s part of our work to
look good, it is a conscious effort to eat right, drink lots of water, and of course, we visit Luminisce. Taking care of your health, hindi lang skin, pati rin your mind, soul, and heart is important. Everything is connected.”

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