The Practical Stocking Stuffer Guide

Our go-to list for little gift ideas to get toddlers, kids, tweens & teens that won’t break the bank

There is absolutely nothing better than watching your kid’s eyes light up when they see something that makes them happy. Most of the time, it doesn’t have to be anything grand or outrageous, and the joy of stocking stuffers is finding a few little things that gives you the chance to see that excited look more than once.

The art of little gift giving comes with a labor of love, where the idea is that you find something they will like by spending as little as possible. So, we had a look around and found a few products we think kids of all ages would enjoy that aren’t too heavy on the pockets.

All the fun for toddlers

From my experience, there aren’t a lot of things you can get a toddler that won’t drive you just a little nuts. They’re in a very curious stage and love to explore, but that also equates to some type of clutter, and maybe even a considerable amount of untidiness. But if you keep things organised and facilitate play properly, then you can’t go wrong with a little fun that comes with the inevitable mess.


    -play dough/clay

    -sensory fillers

    -bubble toys

    -stacking cups

    -bath paint


    -sensory/interactive board book

It’s child’s play for kids (ages 5-8)

They aren’t babies anymore, but they undoubtedly still enjoy knick knacks that they can play with. Personally, I always opt for things that keep the mind or body moving, but if you can find something that they can grow with for the next few years, that’s even better.

    -rubber stamps

    -fidget spinners

    –jack stones (an oldie but a goodie. Endless play and amazing exercise for hand-eye coordination)

    -arts & crafts kits

    –mini puzzles

    –personalized bracelets

    –LED lights

Keeping up with the tweens (9-12)

The start of really coming into their own, children in this age group most likely already know exactly what they want. Personalised and custom-made trinkets are usually appreciated, and you really just have to look at the trends to figure out what they’d like. It’s important to find things that fit their personality, of course, so adjust accordingly.   

    -personalized/customized rubber stamps or stickers

    -Spot It! (and other small card games)

    -jump rope



    -personalized name necklace/dog tags

    -cable bites

    -supplemental add-on gifts (Nerf darts, Instax film, phone case)

    -DIY coupon book

You can’t go wrong with a coupon book that grants a tween’s wishes. Creating one that suits their specific wants is the beauty of it. It’s all up to you, but here are a few examples you might wanna try:

    -An afternoon baking (or making any treat of your choice)

    -One extra hour of screen time

    -Any item at the grocery

    -Download 1 (one) app

    -Get-out-of-my-chore card

    -Free Pass (no explanations required, you’re off the hook- unless it’s illegal)

Too cool for the teenagers

Honestly, if they could have it their way, they’d be content just receiving money. But where’s the fun in that? Bless the teens, but they’re still our babies, so they’re getting thoughtful stocking stuffers whether they want to or not. There are so many useful things that have been created to suit all types of personalities, take advantage of it, and have fun!

    -quirky USB drive

    –fun socks

    -personalized journal/notebook

    -personalized pen

    -personalized keychain

    -personalized anything

    -gift cards (H&M, Uniqlo, Starbucks, Nike, Adidas, Data Blitz, iTunes, etc.)

Remember that as much as you’d like to play Santa, you don’t have to go over-the-top to impress the kiddos. Enjoy your time together and mind your carbon footprint. Keeping things practical and sensible will always be a good thing. Start early, beat the rush, and more importantly— support small businesses this holiday seas.

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