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This New App Makes Booking Your Fave Anti-Aging Treatments A Breeze

Say hello to Avignon Clinic’s MASJ Myself App!

When you’re a time-strapped mom, convenience is always key. This is why we’re big fans of Avignon Clinic’s newly-launched MASJ Myself app, in partnership with Merz Aesthetics. Finally, we can book our fave Merz Aesthetics procedures online — hassle free. The best part? You earn points every time you book an appointment and refer a friend. Sounds like a sweet deal to us.

What we love about the MASJ Myself App

It has everything you need! If you’re new to the Merz Aesthetic procedures and offerings, you’ll learn a whole lot. Apart from the online booking function, the app also has a virtual filter that lets you see what you could look like post-appointment. Yes, you can actually see what you look like post-Ultherapy or Xeomin! Talk about easy peasy.

Why self-love is important, especially during a pandemic

The folks at Avignon are all about self-love. During the launch of the app, Avignon founder and CEO Chris Cachuela talked about how self-love is important for our overall well-being, especially at a time like this.

Avignon positions itself as the main destination for beauty so he constantly thinks of ways on how to elevate customer experience. He wants Avignon to be part of every Filipino’s beauty journey of self-love and help them live better, feel better and look better.

Yes, everyone deserves a bit of self-love. Why not treat yourself and book an appointment with your MASJ app today?

The MASJ Myself app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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