Why This School Renewed Their Campus to Inspire Creativity in Kids

One of the biggest frustrations of schools, teachers, and parents is how to teach kids creativity without putting them in a box.

For many who grew up with traditional learning, we know that creativity is not something teachers can easily teach. It was something kids learn when trying to avoid spending too much time on homework or just mixing colors together. For many years, people limited creativity only to the arts. But OB Montessori took a step up for kids who study on their campus to inspire that math and the sciences value creativity as well.

The new look of OB Montessori inspires kids to foster creativity

Creating a reason for kids to return to campus again.

But one of the usual concerns of a parent may be how do these designs not distract their children from studying? By using minimalist but bright colors, OB Montessori lit up the halls of the school and changed the dreary mood of learning into something more enjoyable. From the cafeteria to even the classrooms, the designs vary depending on the grade. “We felt we needed to improve the ‘vibe’ so that when the students return, they are welcomed with happy, exciting, and energizing spaces. Our immediate goal was to create an environment that would welcome students to a new chapter in their lives,” shares COO of OB Montessori Sara Soliven-De Guzman.

From shapes and colors to designing the walls with works of great minds such as Leonardo da Vinci, and contemporary ones such as Nena Seguil, OB Montessori hopes to inspire a new vibe for the new chapter in their students’ lives.

The new look came from a collaboration by Nazareno/Lichauco.

An office in OB Montessori

Creativity is not something people can learn from books.

Books and teachers offer concepts but it’s different when students learn some creative ways on their own. But to allow them to create in their own unique ways, they need to have some sort of inspiration and insight which can sometimes be found through designs on the walls. A lot of these moments are usually spontaneous and something kids learn by watching others. As schools slowly adapt to new ways to teach creativity, maybe we can learn how we can implement that at home, too.

Colorful classrooms of OB Montessori

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