This Skin Clinic Goes Beyond Aesthetics

The aesthetics and wellness industry continues to thrive in the Philippines as clinics offering various services rise in different parts of the country. But beyond aesthetics, the quality of services is just as important. This is what The SB Clinic emphasizes.

“We wanted to combine both the technology and modern techniques on how we can give better results for the patients,” Dr. John Paul Pareja, the Founder and CEO of The SB Clinic, reveals. “Of course, during that time, since I was trained abroad in Korea. [And] the technology there is so different. So, it’s not like the traditional [methods] way back in 2017. Facials and even plastic and cosmetic surgery were not that popular yet and not widely accepted.”

Discovering your authentic self, inside and out

Dr. Pareja shares that it’s the doctors who do the procedures that give an edge over their competitors in the industry.

“Technically speaking, you can imitate everything. The products or the machines, you can imitate that,” Dr. Pareja says. “But it’s the skills of those doctors who do the procedure. Because here in our clinic, it’s not only me. We have an ample team of doctors who are highly trained, in which we develop not only our skills by hand, [but] we also develop the skills by eye.”

He continues, “I’m also training them on how to make it more beautiful, more natural looking, and more acceptable in the market today. Because even if you have the most skillful hand, if your eyes, your vision is different, your taste is different.”

According to Dr. Pareja, knowing how to do the treatments is one thing, but having an eye for beauty is just as important.

More than just aesthetics

On top of rhinoplasty, body contouring, and facials, one of the treatments that The SB Clinic offers is for the intimate areas. This, according to Dr. Pareja, is something that many people are curious about.

“We started the treatment out of curiosity because it’s getting hyped in different countries like Korea. And way back then, I was thinking, ‘Let’s try in the Philippines to have these services or treatments because the majority of our patients are women.’ I can say 90 to 95% are women,” Dr. Pareja shared.

“But I think it’s just a matter of how open they are about this procedure and how acceptable it is to them,” he adds. “Majority of the patients who have been offered this type of treatment, really do have existing problems or concerns, but they do not know where to go and what to do or what are the steps on how to get their concerns addressed.”

Dr. Pareja reveals that the intimate procedures have been well-received by their clients. “We were surprised that there were so many [who liked it]. And we are the first to specialize in these services. So, we acquired a machine in which the laser can do everything, the rejuvenation, the tightening, and the increase in sexual stimulation. All of that with this machine, it can be done.”

The treatments are done by a practicing OBGYN, who specializes in the aesthetic aspects of gynecology.

Personalizing treatments

Another thing that makes SB different from other clinics is how they make sure that their clients are comfortable and that the treatments are suited for them.

“Patients have different concerns. They are widely affected by their situation. It’s not just about tightening,” Dr. Pareja explains. “But if you would talk to them, there’s inner reasons why they wanted to have it done. And we’re really trying to address those other issues that are not involved in the intimate areas—even if we are doing the intimate treatments.”

In fact, Dr. Pareja assures that everything is holistic with their patients in both health and wellness. “Sometimes we do check those. Like, what are your existing laboratory results? Maybe that’s why you have a problem here. We have interventions for that.”

Beyond deciding on what treatment works best, Dr. Pareja shares that he puts importance on answering all sorts of questions from his patients. “Counseling is part of that. We do take advantage of the time that they’re consulting about counseling.”

What’s in store for The SB Clinic?

It’s been a busy year for The SB Clinic. Although they have clinics in parts of the metro and nationwide, expansion for now is still on hold. “We have several branches nationwide. But the issue is, travel time is a lot. And the majority of the patients are looking for me,” Dr. Pareja laughs. “Although I have doctors I can endorse them to, some VIP patients would really look up to me and [look] for me.”

But there’s hope that women all over the Philippines can finally have the answer to their aesthetic needs by their doorstep. It’s part of the plan to add more centers, Dr. Pareja adds.

“We took advantage of this to do the specialization. So, right now, we have a specialty. If you’re an OBGYN, you handle the women’s center, if you’re an ENT, you handle the rhinoplasty center. If you’re an ophthalmologist, you handle the eye center. So, that’s how we do it. That’s my vision for The SB clinic. But many branches, as of now, not yet.”

And while there’s a lot of competition, Dr. Pareja sees more potential for growth in the aesthetic and wellness industry. “I think the trend nowadays is to really peak the aesthetic and this industry in the Philippines,” he said. “It will really increase. But I hope it will retain its quality. So, there are a lot of people who want to compete, especially if you’re new and you’re targeting new markets.”

“I’m an advocate of medical tourism. I hope that the Philippines will be able to penetrate Asia. If you don’t want to go to Korea [and] if you don’t want to go to Thailand, go to the Philippines. They have highly skilled doctors there to do the procedures.”

The SB Clinic client

SB is also proud to have actress and vlogger Sachzna Laparan as its newest ambassador. As a beautiful woman with an eye for beauty, she is the perfect embodiment of the brand.

For The SB Clinic, the client is always important. So how do they describe the SB client? Dr. Pareja said: “Our clients are, I can say, they are the clients who are looking for quality. I mean, they know what they’re looking for.”

“Majority of them, of course, I can say they have been through a lot of clinics. They know how they can tell that the treatment is different, that the treatment is personalized and they can really see the results. I mean, especially for those patients who are traveling from afar.”

Rest assured that The SB Clinic will definitely serve their clients the best of what they have.

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