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A Space of Their Own: Tips for Revamping Your Growing Kids’ Rooms

Time to face the music of fading lullabies booming into pop songs

A lot can happen in a year, and now we’re feeling it more since we’re spending most of it indoors with our family. Babies that were born during the start of the pandemic are now walking around the house and babbling. Awkward tweens have grown into teens trying to figure out who they are. Your kids are getting older right in front of your eyes, and their needs change with them as they age. While we continue to live our days within the confines of our home, it’s only practical to make your children’s space appropriate and more comfortable for them. Revamp their rooms according to their growing needs with items from AllHome.

The center of the room

The bed is the most important furniture in the bedroom. As your kids get older, they also grow taller. The bed in a race car frame might not fit your 5-foot teen any longer. Give them a place to lay down comfortably as they continue to stretch inches. Pick a mattress and bed frame size that they can grow into until they reach their full height.

And while you’re at it, give them new beddings that suit their new taste. The pink Barbie sheets and Ben 10 pillowcases might not appeal to your kids anymore. Opt for beddings that fit their new aesthetic. Better yet, have them pick their own. This might even give you an insight on what kind of person they’re growing to be based on their preferences.

From tea sets and superheroes to study tables and Scandinavian design

Toys littered on the floor and cartoon posters on the wall are a thing of the past. With online learning still ongoing, your new teen needs a space to focus on. Put away the tea sets and dolls and bring in a sleek study table and comfy ergonomic office chair that they can work on for hours. Trade their starry night light for a warm desk lamp. You can also add some minimalist organizers on their desk or bedside table to stash their trinkets in.

Your once young princess is now transforming into a refined lady. She might have outgrown the bright pink walls of her bedroom. The same goes for your then little prince that’s now a dashing gentleman; his obsession with colorful superheroes could be replaced with neutral tones. Consider repainting their rooms with shades that suit their age and newfound appreciation for simpler interior design with Scandinavian influences. You can also bring in new furniture such as rugs, lighting fixtures, or even a wooden sofa bed that will add more of their personality into their room. 

All you need in one place

Doing a whole makeover for your kids’ rooms can be a challenge. Take the first step to successfully achieving this at AllHome. Designed to be a builder’s haven, AllHome offers an immensely vast range of products and services, value for money, convenience, and excellent customer service. Every item is on trend and competitively priced to ensure you get more bang for your buck.

Window shop on a new level

More than just a place to buy your home needs, you can also explore well-designed vignettes at AllHome’s Home Inspirations. AllHome’s interior designer has set up a mock house and condo unit with sizes varying from 35 sqm to 50 sqm, showcasing various themes for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. You can then enjoy an affordable, hassle-free interior design by simply choosing among their home inspirations packages, or by consulting with their inhouse interior designer. These packages are updated every month so you can enjoy the newest in home interior every time you visit AllHome.

Shop and purchase with a few clicks

Get the expertise of an AllHome employee and have them do your shopping for you. All you have to do is submit an order form or your shopping list to an AllHome Personal Shopper via Viber. Settle your bill through bank transfer and book a delivery service of your own. You may also schedule a delivery service from AllHome.

If you prefer to be more hands-on with your shopping, simply add to cart on AllHome’s website and receive your items within 3 to 5 working days after placing your order. AllHome has about 10,000 items at your disposal online and these are continuously updated to ensure you find everything you need when you need them. In-store promos and discounts are also offered on the website.

Refurbish your growing kids’ rooms and get the trendiest items and furniture at AllHome.

To see all of AllHome’s products, visit their website. Stay updated on the latest news and products by following AllHome on Facebook and Instagram.

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