Tom Cruise is Ready to Give the New Generation of Fans an Adrenaline Rush in Top Gun: Maverick

Thirty-six years since the first Top Gun movie, Tom Cruise returns to the movie that made him a household name in the ’80s.

Tom Cruise may be known to fans for his adrenaline rush and non-stop adventures in the Mission Impossible franchise. But this summer 2022, the actor returns to the film that made him a household name in the ’80s—Top Gun: Maverick.

Kids of the ’80s will surely love Tom reprising his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. And this time, he has a new mission—to train a new set of recruits that includes Lt. Bradley Bradshaw, the son of his late good friend Lt. Nick Bradshaw played by Val Kilmer.

But returning to train also means confronting the past which Pete must do to prepare the recruits for their assignment.

While today’s generation may be too young to know the movie, their parents will definitely enjoy this film. Here are some reasons why this film is a must-watch.

It’s the sequel to Top Gun

For years, Tom Cruise was asked if there was a possible sequel to the movie. And the actor often said that it will come at the right time. True enough, when Top Gun: Maverick was announced, fans of the movie were excited to see what Pete has been up to since the first film came out.

The film, however, went through some delays because of scheduling. But this May 27, 2022, it will make its debut worldwide.

A new set of characters

Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly leads the new faces of the movie alongside Jon Hamm and Miles Teller, who plays Bradley Bradshaw. Jennifer will play Penny, Pete’s love in the film. Kelly McGillis, who played Charlotte, was Pete’s original love interest.

The action sequences

Expect a lot of action-packed stunts and sequences in the film. After all, this is what made Top Gun a household name in international cinema. Truly, everyone will get a kick out of the flight stunts in the movie.

It’s Tom Cruise!

Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. The actor has a huge fanbase around the world and love him or hate him, he knows how to give his fans what they crave for.

Introduce your kids to Top Gun before watching Maverick

We have often been anticipating films kids can watch but you also deserve a movie to watch and why not check out Top Gun: Maverick? And if you are planning to introduce the film to your children, make sure they get to watch Top Gun first.

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