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7 Local Tote Bag Brands to Check Out for Working Moms

A tote bag is practical and can accommodate almost all your things for work and errands. Here are some local bag brands we recommend!

A tote bag can accommodate almost all your things for work and errands. It can be a struggle for moms to bring everything they need for themselves and for their kids. They need a bag that is versatile, spacious, and practical to put their things in. Tote bags are one of the most practical accessories out there. It can be used for work, shopping, or to put items for a catch-up with friends. We rounded up some local tote bag brands to check out for busy moms out there. It might give you ideas for Christmas as well!

Local Tote Bag Brands to Check Out

BadAss Tote Girl

local tote bag brands
Photo grabbed fromBadAss Tote Girl’s Instagram

BadAss Tote Girl’s bags are minimalist-looking but practical. Their Boxy XL tote has a magnetic snap closure, interior pockets, and is washable by hand. The bag comes in four colors: Berry, Coal, Khaki, and Powder

Aside from bags, BadAss Tote Girl also carries the BTG x Noted Journal Sticker set. The brand has sister brands: BadAss Tote Guy and Bad Ass Studio Co.

To order, log on to their website


local tote bag brands
Photo grabbed from Papemelroti’s Instagram

Support local by purchasing canvas tote bags from Papemelroti. The designs are made by Robert Alejandro and come in different designs from Tiboli woman, Kalinga man, and even Folk dance.

The bags come in small and large sizes and are affordable. You can use it while doing errands like grocery shopping or chilling out.

To order, check out their website


local tote bag brands
Photo grabbed from Kultura’s Instagram

Another Filipino brand, Kultura has a wide selection of tote bags. Designs include floral, batik, and hand-painted ones inspired by some of the country’s famous artists.


local tote bag brands
Photo grabbed from Metrolook’s Instagram

Metrolook’s tote bags are some of the most affordable online. It comes in different colors and styles.

Check out different designs on their Instagram.


local tote bag brands
Photo grabbed from Burdado’s Instagram

Burdado in English means embroidered and this company makes customized tote bags in different designs. The best thing about Burdado is that it’s also a local company and you have a chance to carry around a tote bag that is one of a kind in style.

For information on Burdado, check them out on Instagram.

Straight Forward

Photo grabbed from Straight Forward’s Instagram

Straight Forward’s bags are minimalist and made of vegan leather. You can choose from different designs that fit your lifestyle. The best part is you can also choose it in different classic colors.

For more information, head to their website.

Ni Qua

Photo grabbed from Ni Qua’s Instagram

According to its website, Ni Qua is a lifestyle label that specializes in quality leather bags and accessories. All of their materials are sourced from the Philippines and crafted by artisans from Marikina. Some of their tote bags to check are Avanzzo, which comes in small, large, and oversized styles in different colors.

Check out their website:

Gouache Waxed Canvas

Photo grabbed from Gouache’s Instagram

Gouache is a popular camera bag brand. They have expanded their line to include other types of bags such as totes, messenger/sling bags, and backpacks. Some of their totes include the Judson, Kahlo, and Hudson bag.

For more information, check out their website.

Local Bag Brands You’ll Instantly Love

If you’re looking for a carry-on or tote bag to bring with you, check out these local bag brands and you’ll likely find something to love!

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