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How Trina Legaspi Creates Practical Celebrations as a New Mom

Kudos to Trina Legaspi on how she made celebrations practical as a first-time mom!

When a new mom has her birthday coming up, she’d like to celebrate it, too. But if she wants a big celebration with family, she may as well add her baby’s milestones as part of the reason to celebrate. With Trina Legaspi’s baby turning three months old and also having her Christian dedication, she makes it a 3-in-1 celebration, adding her birthday as the third reason to celebrate.

Trina Legaspi with her family
Source: Trina Legaspi Instagram

There’s a lot to celebrate as a first-time mom

Everyone wants a birthday to be memorable; even more so for us who are celebrating our birthdays for the first time as moms. It celebrates a new chapter in our lives that besides being career women or wives, we now add a new role to our long list of roles: being a mother. It doesn’t always have to be a big one, just like how Trina held a family lunch at her home.

But being a mom also means witnessing some milestones and for Trina, it’s celebrating Kaela’s third month and Christian Dedication. Having a Christian Dedication means finding a family in the Christian community; they’ll have godfathers and godmothers, too!

Trina Legaspi with her family
Source: Trina Legaspi Instagram

Simple and practical celebrations for a first-time mom

Sometimes, all a celebration needs is a cake in our favorite color and the traditional Filipino lechon. No Filipino family get-together is complete without it. While it’s nice to add a lot of flowers and party streamers, as well as invite a lot of guests, it might get a little stressful to manage once the celebrations are over. But for Trina Legaspi who celebrated her birthday and Kaela’s milestones, she also celebrates the support she’s received from her family as a first-time mother.

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