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Trina Legaspi’s Grief For Her Fur Baby Reveals Another Painful Fur Parent Truth

Like Trina Legaspi, there are moments we just want to go back in time and truly savor being with our fur babies.

“We truly don’t love something until it’s gone” — there is a truth to that adage, most especially among fur parents like celebrity mom Trina Legaspi, who had just lost her 10-year-old Shih Tzu dog, Tubby.

When the celebrity mom held a small memorial service for the late dog, she also posted some pictures of it. Under the photos, she writes her caption. “If only I could go back in time, I would cuddle with you again. It’s so heartbreaking to lose you, Tubby. I miss you so so much!! Sobrang sakit.”

Trina Legaspi's Grief For Her Fur Baby Reveals Another Painful Fur Parent Truth
Source: Trina Legaspi Instagram

The Regret Of Taking Our Fur Baby’s Love for Granted

There are days we take our fur baby’s love for granted. When the day just tires us out, it’s easy for us to walk past them for a short nap before resuming our duties. But it’s only when they’re gone that we realize how they made life so much easier. For the actress, vlogger, and new mom Trina Legaspi, she had her dog, Tubby, accompanying her every step of the way.

Not all fur babies have the same lifespan. Some dogs and cats only live up to 10 years. But there are a few who live up to 20. Yet, there’s only so much a healthy diet and safe environment for them to thrive can do. Some diseases just creep up and jump them, taking them away. It then leaves us with a numbing void. It will sink in as we realize we can no longer feel their fur against our skin nor will we ever hear again their calls echoing in our home’s halls.

Fur Parent Truth: “Never Forget to Let Them Know We Love Them.”

Sure, they’re animals and don’t comprehend most things. But they do know the difference between love and indifference. Even though our fur babies just lie on the side to observe us, they enjoy that little moment. While the hustle and bustle makes us forget, it’s up to us to make a conscious effort to make time for them, too. Because when we lose them, just like how Trina Legaspi lost her beloved dog, we will wish that we had the power to reverse time. The void they leave behind is numbing. The love that they leave behind with us is the only thing that keeps their memory alive.

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