Unique Filipino Names For Baby Girls

Coming up with Filipino names for baby girls can be hard. Here are some names that might inspire us a little.

As expecting moms-to-be, some of us already have an idea of what to name our incoming baby girl. We’d like to name them after queens, scientists, thought leaders, and various others who have moved the world. But there are some of us who would like to stay true to our roots; the Philippines also has quite an array of inspirational Filipino names for baby girls. Here are some names we find unique and inspiring.

Unique Filipino names for baby girls


Who wouldn’t want to name their daughter after the legendary warrior queen of Pangasinan? The name Urduja is unique; not many are privy to the story of the queen and her military exploits. According to historical texts, the Muslim queen often traveled from Tawilisi (or what many now know as Pangasinan) to China, and to India while gifting spices and many others to those who witnessed her hospitality. As a queen, she remained unwed for the challenge was to beat her in combat. The stories go that many warriors and kings cowed from her challenge, fearing disgrace and dishonor.

Her name also means “rising sun” or “breath” from the two Sanskrit names “Udaya” and “Urja” respectively.


For those who are familiar with pre-colonial Philippine history, Tala is the name of the goddess of the morning star. This baby girl name is a perfect fit for a smiley child who brings a lot of joy into our lives. Depending on the country and culture, the name Tala is also recognized by northern Europeans. Scandinavians recognize the name Tala as a variation of Adalheidis. In the Middle East, the name also represents something shiny like Gold (Persia), and Palm Heavenly Tree (Arabic).

Your daughter will also have tough meanings to her name. In Navajo, Tala means “Wolf Princess.” Which, is pretty cool especially if we’re big fans of the Studio Ghibli movie: Princess Mononoke.


If we’re already in love with the name Raya, Hiraya might be a consideration for our baby girl’s official name. It’s the Tagalog word for “imagination;” for many childless couples who have struggled and tried to get pregnant for so long, the name Hiraya will have a lot of sentimental value. For others, it’s also an expression that means, “May your sweetest dreams come true.”

For any new parent who has been looking forward to their baby girl, she is their sweetest dream come true.


Meaning “brilliance,” Ligaya’s a unique baby girl Filipino name that gives off an intellectual air while celebrating their roots. What some people do is they combine “Ligaya” with another name like “Maria” which is traditional to some.


Go archaic Filipino with the name Adhika. If you’re tired of the sweet-sounding fluffy names and want something more empowering, “Adhika” is the old Tagalog word for “honorable.” It was and is still considered empowering especially as our baby girl grows to become an empowered woman of tomorrow.


If Tala was the goddess of the morning star in Philippine mythology then, Mayari was the goddess of the moon. Considered the “most charming” among her three sisters, Mayari is the one many pre-colonial Filipinos prayed to for a bountiful harvest of rice and gold.


Since the Philippines remained a colony of Spain for 333 years, it’s no surprise that Spanish mixed with Tagalog. The name “Mirasol” is also a unique baby girl name, taking some Spanish references from the word “sol” meaning sun. Mirasol means Sunflower.

Unique Filipino names for baby girls

Other Unique Filipino Baby Girl Names

Here are some other Filipino baby girl names. Although they’re not as unique, they do strike a ring and sound nice especially when combined with a proper second name.

  • Marikit – In Tagalog, this means “pretty.”
  • Dalisay – This name means “Pure.” Her nickname can be Dali or Dalisay can be her second name.
  • Magayon – For those who are in love with the perfect cone shape of Mayon Volcano, Magayon is the name of the princess from whom it derives its name.
  • Aurica – Not Tagalog but it’s Latin in origin. The name Aurica comes from the word “Auros” which is Latin for “gold.” That’s why the element “Gold” in the periodic table of elements is “Au” and not “G.”
  • Diwata – Since many girls are probably named “Serena” which is a variation of Sirena meaning “mermaid”, Diwata may be considered since it means “fairy”.
  • Kali – Kali holds two meanings: 1) it’s the international name of our national sport, Arnis. 2) It’s the name of the Hindu Goddess Mahakali who is the embodiment of destruction and a slayer of demons. It’s a pretty cool and strong name if you ask us!
  • Lorenza – Religious parents may find joy in this unique baby girl’s name for Lorenza is the female variation of the name Lorenzo which is the name of the first Filipino saint: St. Lorenzo Ruiz.
  • Darisay – There are two meanings for this name. In Ilocano, the name means “pure” or “of good quality”. On the other hand, the people of Maranao will understand her name as one of “greatness”.
  • Diaya – This is Ilocano, meaning “gift.” For parents who have miscarried and lost babies, their new baby girl is definitely a gift.

You can combine these unique Filipino baby girl names with second names!

While these baby girl names are nice, some religious orders and chapters may be hesitant to baptize because there’s no Christian name attached. So what some parents do is have that one unique name and the second name is Christian. That’s why there are a lot of boys who have Juan or John at the start of their name while girls have Marie or Maria. That’s a loophole parents can exploit in the tradition should they want a more unique name for their baby girls.

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