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All Families Need To Watch Wandavision And Here’s Why

The MCU’s first major venture into streaming tugged at our heartstrings, gaining applause from fans the world over. 

[Warning: geek speak and spoilers ahead] 

It’s been a good two weeks since blockbuster giant, Marvel Studios, concluded their latest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) superhero franchise. WandaVision premiered on Disney+ in January, and the finale left fans reeling! 

Based on theMarvel Comics characters, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Vision, played by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany respectively, the story is set in the MCU and shares continuity with the films of the franchise. It takes place after the events of the filmAvengers: Endgame (2019), giving us a close look at how Wanda copes with the tragic loss of her romantic love, Vision. 

Although the story revolves around mystical realism and characters with supernatural powers, the emotions depicted beautifully by the show’s cast were real and captivating. More than that, it was a combination of creative mastery across the boards that make this show a must-watch for everyone, and we’re going to tell you why. 

Representation matters

Heroines are nothing new when it comes to television series, but aside from a powerful female-led cast, the diversity in supporting characters calls for some attention. 

They have various ethnicities, women of all ages and body types, and strong feminist ideals. It’s obvious that this was heavily considered during the casting process, and each actor played their role to perfection. The topic of representation has been a long-standing debate in the film and television industry, and we’re loving the variety and inclusion brought to WandaVision

It does the message of family values justice

Superhero shows are well known for their action-heavy scenes and tragic backgrounds, which are both shown in equal measure in WandaVision. But as the series progresses where children become involved, the vibe makes a switch to where families are able to relate to the characters on a deeply personal level. 

WandaVision takes us on an emotional rollercoaster and tackles the message regarding the importance of family. They show us relationships between parents and their children, the support of our close circle, and the unconditional love of family. The series does a number on us by reminding everyone what truly matters and why we fight for those we love. 

The burden of moral conflict 

A gut-wrenching climax typical to that of the MCU (and several other action-adventure stories), it was no surprise that making hard decisions was a pivotal point in the series. However, when it comes to the internal turmoil of choosing between what we want and what is right, we were caught completely off-guard. 

In a powerful display of torment between doing something completely self-serving or what we all know to be the “good” thing to do, WandaVision serves up that superhero conflict like nothing we’ve seen before. It leaves plenty of room for discussion, but the show stays true to the path of righteousness showing us that the right thing to do can also be the hardest thing to do. 

The importance of support and open communication 

Even superheroes need a support system they can rely on. Showing us that even the strongest and most powerful people have moments of weakness, WandaVision normalises the struggle we all go through as human beings, and the importance of accepting help or seeking it out when needed.

The series also places great importance in communicating with those who care about us and being honest with those we love. 

Astounding performances that blew us away

For a family-friendly series, the plot initially feels somewhat dark. The writers mask this extremely well by way of TV-show fantasy to represent escapism from grief. As the story unfolds and Wanda confronts her agony (in more ways than one), the viewers get a sense of every bit of pain she is experiencing through Elizabeth Olsen’s impeccable performance and the supporting cast’s transitions from tv show to reality (it makes more sense if you watch it).

The showrunners take you on a nostalgic television ride through the decades, with every character evolving as they go with the themes. As conflict builds and suspense rises, the cast members (notably, Kathryn Hahn) go above and beyond expectations, earning praises from viewers and critics alike.

With just the right touch of humour, and a good amount of heart-stopping scenes, it’s hard to ignore the significance of what each character brings to the table. What we get is entertainment at its finest. 

You’ve got to see it to believe it 

WandaVision is now available to binge watch from start to finish on Disney+, and this is one series everyone can appreciate whether you are a dedicated MCU fan or not. Take our word for it— don’t sleep on this. 

WandaVision is produced byMarvel Studios, with Jac Schaeffer serving ashead writer, and directed by Matt Shakman. 

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