Wash Your Hands and Rinse Your Mouth: These Are the New Defenses Against COVID-19

Proper oral hygiene plays an important role in ensuring our protection against the virus

The light at the end of the tunnel is within sight and faintly glowing, but the battle against COVID-19 continues. Vaccines are underway, but that doesn’t mean we should abandon the precautions we’ve been taking since the pandemic started. For the past few months, we’ve been taught that washing our hands is one of the surest ways to keep ourselves protected from the virus. It rids our hands of any contamination we may have had from things we’ve held, but what about the other gateways to our body? How do we safeguard them? 

Our mouth is one of the main access points to our body, and it can just as easily be vulnerable like our noses when it comes to letting the virus into our respiratory system. According to studies, the coronavirus can not only accumulate in the nasopharynx and oropharynx, but in the oral cavity as well, which contributes to transmission through oral droplets. Therefore, keeping ourselves clean internally, not just externally, also plays a role in ensuring our protection from contracting the virus. 

As masks are for our noses, and soap and alcohol are for our hands, germicidal oral rinse is the shield for our mouth. Gargling with a mouthwash that has antimicrobial properties can decrease the chances of the virus developing in our body as its host. Including an oral rinse that is medical- and dentist-approved to your oral hygiene regimen can bolster your first line of defense against the virus. Pick a product that has bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties to kill any harmful organisms that may enter your body through your mouth, and choose a formula that binds well onto your teeth, tongue, inner cheeks, and gums for lasting protection.

Strengthen your defense against COVID-19 at home. Keep your hands clean, your nose and mouth covered, and your oral cavity rinsed.

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