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5 Ways Dads Enjoy Their Coffee

Sometimes, coffee isn’t just limited to 3-in-1. Dads have their own ways of enjoying coffee, too.

We can all admit that coffee is one of the few things that holds society together. That nutty and fruity taste just gives us hope and energy for the next eight hours or so. Because tradition demands that dads take on the majority of the manual labor, he’s going to need that cup of joe. Whether it’s to drag a 32-inch TV up to the bedroom or put a crib together, he’s going to want to enjoy his coffee in certain ways.

1. Iced Black

Since dads usually run around the house, his coffee will be cold by then. He’ll probably brew a Master Origins Aged Sumatra black and then toss a few ice cubes in it. It may not be barista level with shakers and all but, it gets the job done.

2. Cappucino

An espresso from Nespresso’s Master Origins Papua New Guinea, mixed with steamed milk (or any non-dairy for the lactose-intolerant and diabetics) with some foam ought to do. But dads don’t usually care about the foam so just add coffee and milk. That’s their cappuccino for the day.

3. Frosted Cinnamon

When they’re in the mood to indulge, dads probably have a bottle of McCormick Cinnamon sitting in the cabinet. Using Nespresso’s World Explorations Miami, mix in some steamed milk and sprinkle cinnamon for taste. To lower the sugar intake, Stevia is perfectly fine to use.

4. Vanilla Black

A teaspoon of vanilla extract into a piping black hot coffee always makes dad’s day. Although black, the fragrant aroma of vanilla extract makes it all the more enjoyable.

5. Mocha

Mocha usually takes a lot more time to prep since it requires some chocolate—especially if it involves melting a chocolate tableya. But if that’s not available, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a random chocolate bar and using it to stir the black coffee. It’s milk and chocolate in a bar. Dads usually take this kind of coffee to relax and indulge a bit.

Even a few hours to help dad relax with his coffee will make Father’s Day enjoyable!

Coffee may no longer be a luxury but it’s something we can still give our dads. Besides the usual mug, we can give them something that will make them feel like they’re the #1 World’s Best Dad. With Nespresso offering 10% off on the machines when buying one Master Origins Papua New Guinea, Master Origins Aged Sumatra, or World Explorations Miami from June 13 to 30, 2022, we can give them something a little better than their 3-in-1s in the morning!

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