What All Parents Need To Know About The Among Us Video Game

Are you “sus” about the video game Among Us and wondering if you should let your kids play it? Here’s what you need to know…

If you’ve got tweens or teens, chances are, they’ve been playing the multiplayer video game Among Us just like all their friends. And if you’re like us and wondering what the fuss is all about, here’s the lowdown…

What is it?

According to our research (and by research, we mean asking our Gen Z colleagues), it’s basically a boardgame that you play with all your friends or other people online. Together with your crewmates, you’ll need to work out who the secret killer is. Yep, the person who’s been “sabotaging” everyone else while they try to go home.

Is it safe for kids?

The game revolves around murder

If you’re comfortable with that, then by all means let them play. But don’t worry, there’s no gore, blood or guts involved. The word will get tossed around when two impostors (aka not the secret killer) randomly kill their crewmates. Also, there’s a chance that your child might be the designated impostor, which means they’ll be doing the killing or get killed themselves. You get the drill.

There’s a chance they might be chatting to strangers

After someone gets killed on the game, the other players will need to chat amongst themselves and discuss who they think the killers are. And if they’re playing in a public group, they’ll be chatting with strangers. Worried? Don’t be. There’s an option to go “private” so that they can just chat and play with people that they know.

Want to know what it’s like?

If you’re curious about the game, why not join in one of these days? We hear a lot of parents actually enjoy the game and are addicted to it. But if gaming isn’t your thing, check this trailer out!

Another reason not to worry: it’s FREE. The only thing you’ll need to pay for are additional accessories for your character — but they aren’t really necessary for game play.

The bottomline? Among Us is good, innocent fun and OK for kids. But definitely only on private mode.

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