Here Are Things Parents Need to Know When Flying with a Lap Infant

With things back to normal, many families are traveling to different places again. Here’s everything you need to know about flying with a lap infant.

Flying with a lap infant is one of the many ways that Filipino families can travel together while saving on costs. There are many other tips for families traveling with babies and toddlers but if you’re flying out, whether on a domestic or international flight, here are some things you need to know.

Flying with a lap infant
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Children need to be under the age of two

A child must be under two years old to qualify as a lap infant. As soon as they turn two years old, they no longer get a free ticket. This means they need to have their own seat. So if during your trip, your child celebrates his or her second birthday, only the outbound flight is free. You’ll be required to buy a seat on the return flight.

Using an approved Child Restraint System

Though this is not required, the safest way to secure a child between 2 to 7 years old on board an aircraft is with an approved Child Restraint System (CRS) placed in a dedicated seat. Try to research your airline’s requirements for a CRS, such as height and weight limits, before flying out.

A woman putting her bag in the overhead bin
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Luggage allowance

Depending on your airline, lap infants may still get check-in baggage and carry-on allowance. For example, Philippine Airlines provides one check-in baggage with not more than ten kilos for international flights. Other airlines like Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines offer something similar, too.

Flying with more than one lap infant

Airlines are very strict about the rule: one lap infant per adult. If you are flying as a solo adult and have two or more children under the age of two with you, you must purchase a ticket for one of them. Meanwhile, two adults traveling together (or even an older teen with an adult) can have two lap children with them. This is ideal for parents with twins or kids born close together.

A baby inside a plane

Where lap infants can’t sit

Lap infants are not allowed in emergency exit rows or sometimes, even the rows directly in front of or behind the exit rows. On some aircraft, there are additional rows that do not permit lap infants.

Aircraft with bassinets

If you are flying with a lap infant and the aircraft includes bassinets, we recommend booking that row. Normally, you’ll find bassinets on international flights.

Flying with lap infant
Photo by Azra Tuba Demir

Safe travels!

Flying out with the whole family to explore and experience new things is an exciting adventure. With these details, you now know what to prepare when flying with a lap infant!

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