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What Women Can Learn From Pamela Anderson’s Documentary

Pamela Anderson lets a group of cameras follow her for a documentary years after a sex tape scandal changed her life.

Pamela Anderson has always been synonymous with a sex or goddess symbol since she broke onto the TV screen as CJ Parker in the smash hit Baywatch. But her name has also been dragged into scandal after the release of a sex tape involving her and her ex-husband Tommy Lee. After several marriages and scrutiny in the media, Pamela Anderson allowed cameras to follow her with the documentary A Love Story streamed on Netflix. On top of the show, she also released her autobiography on her life in Hollywood. The documentary that her sons Brandon and Dylan Lee produced showed her life in Canada and her return onstage as Roxie in Chicago.

Here are four lessons and insights from Pamela Anderson’s documentary sharing her journey.

Pamela always believed in love

When she rose to fame as CJ Parker on Baywatch, the character was actually based on her personality. “She was this kind of little hippie romantic,” she said. Prior to Tommy Lee, she was in romantic relationships with David Chavret and Kelly Slater.

After the crumble of her marriage to Tommy, she found herself marrying several times including Kid Rock and Rick Salomon. During the filming of the documentary, she was married to Dan Hayhurst but got divorced in 2022.

She walked away from Tommy when things became abusive

Although she loved Tommy, Pamela walked away from their relationship when he hit her in front of their two children. He would serve a few months in jail. Although she forgave him, she filed for divorce. She admitted that he was fighting for the marriage.

“He really fought for us to stay together,” Pamela narrated. “I had to bifurcate the divorce because he wouldn’t sign the papers. He thought we could get through it. I just took my kids and was like, ‘No’.”

A man physically hurting her was not a gray area. “It was like you can’t do that.”

Pamela’s learnings from her mom

The Barbed Wire star said that there were two things she learned from her mom, who also went through a challenging relationship with her dad.

“When you are hurt, you have two options. To close off, become bitter, or love more, persevere,” she shared. “Love is the greatest healer. I choose love.”

And she continues to love thanks to her two kids Brandon and Dylan, who have become her rock through the challenges she has gone through.

Make the most of what you have

Beyond the issues and controversies she found herself in, Pamela was given another chance to do what she loved. She made her Broadway debut playing Roxie in Chicago. Although she was not known for singing, her performance earned her good reviews.

“You know, it’s okay to start something new in your 50s,” she said.

Doing the play was something she did for herself, not anyone else.

Through the end of the documentary, her son Dylan could not help but be proud of how she has risen above the challenges she has been through in the past years.

“She’s not scared of anything. I am gonna do something that no one would ever think I would do and actually kill it.”

Brandon meanwhile said that she is now more focused on what she wants to do and not please anyone else, most especially men.

For her part, Pamela wants to embrace the past and the truth. “My life is not a woe-is-me story. I am not a victim. I put myself in crazy situations and survived them.”

Women can rise from challenges

When your life is scrutinized just like Pamela Anderson, it may take a toll on your mental health. Despite what she has been through, she has shown people that you can get another chance and make the most of it. And with the people she loved, most notably her parents and sons, she could take on anything that is put in front of her.

Pamela, A Love Story is now streaming on Netflix

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