Why Moisture Matters: The Importance of Moisturization on Babies’ Skin Health

Strengthen your baby’s armor against harmful bacteria

Ensuring your baby’s health is one of the most crucial aspects in taking care of a child. It’s a full-time job: protecting them from getting sick, and making sure they get all the vitamins and minerals they need. But one of the most disregarded talking points when it comes to a baby’s health is the importance of having their skin moisturized. With the skin being the largest organ in our body, it is our first line of defense when it comes to bacteria, which is why it is absolutely necessary to make certain that your baby’s shield is strong and impenetrable. 

Your baby needs a skincare routine too

Board-certified dermatologist and internationally-certified dermatopathologist Dr. Mara Huber explains why your baby’s skin needs to be hydrated at all times:

“If [your skin is] stopping things from getting out, it’s also stopping them from getting in. You don’t want allergens, irritants and microorganisms to get in, that’s why skin is a two-way barrier: it keeps water in, and the bad stuff out.”

Dr. Mara Huber on the role of the skin in relation to our health

Having skincare products dedicated to help strengthen your baby’s natural moisture barrier is vital to their overall health. One thing to also take note of is that a newborn’s skin is more prone to irritation and dryness due to it being thinner in comparison to an adult’s skin. Because of this, it is more likely to lose moisture much quicker.

The Cetaphil Baby Classic Line has the important ingredients needed in skincare products for babies.

Dr. Huber has listed down three sets of benefits from ingredients that should be present in baby skincare products: hydrating, moisturizing, and soothing. Hydrating ingredients such as pantheol, glycerin, and aloe vera hold water. Almond oil and shea butter are moisturizing ingredients that keep the water in. Calendula extract and chamomile are soothing components that prevent infections from worsening. Knowing that you need to moisturize your baby’s skin is one thing, but the big question is how you are going to do it.  

A gentle and trustworthy friend for your babies

As a parent, choosing the right products for the young ones is important when it comes to their healthcare. It has to be gentle for the baby, and of course, it has to do the right job. Cetaphil Baby is clinically proven to be gentle, hypoallergenic, soothing, and helps in strengthening the baby’s natural moisture barrier. Their products offer a five-fold protection, making the baby’s sensitive skin softer and healthier.  

The new Calendula line is gentle and calming to the skin, perfect for addressing dryness and irritation.

Their Cetaphil Baby Classic Line includes products such as Gentle Wash and Shampoo, Daily Lotion, Moisturizing Bath and Wash, Shampoo and Gentle Cleansing Bar. However, the newest addition to this range is their Calendula Line. Formulated with calendula extract, it has a soothing effect for the baby’s delicate skin. Perfect for a head-to-toe wash, the line’s Cetaphil Baby with Organic Calendula Wash and Shampoo is best used together with the Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion with Organic Calendula that can lock in moisture for up to 24 hours. Some babies can experience irritation and dryness in various areas of their bodies. The Cetaphil Baby with Organic Calendula Advanced Protection Cream can be a huge help in addressing the rough patches on their skin. 

Gentle care anytime, anywhere, with the new Cetaphil Gentle Baby Wipes

For the parents who are on-the-go, the Cetaphil Gentle Baby Wipes will help you in ensuring your baby’s skin is taken care of at all times, no matter where you are. This newly introduced product is made from 100% plant derived fabric, enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E. It’s gentle and moisturizing, perfect for the face and body. 

A celebrity favorite

Patrick and Nikka Garcia, Cetaphil Baby ambassadors and celebrity couple, shared how the brand’s products have helped them in dealing with their children’s needs. Michelle, their eldest, didn’t really have a problem to address, so Nikka used the Classic Line on her manageable skin. However, things were different for Patrice, their second daughter. Patrick revealed the challenge it presented when their pediatrician-dermatologist diagnosed her with eczema. 

From left to right: Dr. Mara Huber, board-certified dermatologist; Patrick Garcia, Cetaphil Baby ambassador; Barby Razon, Cetaphil Baby Country Brand Manager; Nikka Garcia, Cetaphil Baby ambassador; Patty Laurel-Filart, host

For her, their doctor recommended the Cetaphil Pro AD line, formulated with Skin Restoring Wash and Skin Restoring Moisturizer. It is known in aiding the restoration of the skin barrier thanks to the moisturizing factors from the patented filaggrin technology. Nikka even came to say it was a “life saver.”

The Cetaphil Pro AD line is dermatologist-recommended. It helps in the restoration of the skin barrier with its natural moisturizing factors.

The celebrity parents had nothing but praises for the brand. “Cetaphil Baby has different products suited for your baby’s skin needs—that’s why we have been using them on Pablo since day one in giving him the healthy start he needs,” Nikka shares. 

Raising a baby is one of the most selfless acts a person can do. Having an infant can feel daunting at times, especially to new parents. But seeing your child happy, healthy, and growing exceptionally well can give you so much pride and joy. All the fear and stress will soon be forgotten, especially with the right products by your side. 

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