Why Parents Should Encourage Their Kids To Dance

If not learning an instrument or singing, maybe the kids’ talents lie more in dancing! This is why parents should encourage it.

If we’re looking for a fun way for the kids to exercise, why not try dancing? Even among Filipinos, dancing is a big part of our culture. Ever since pre-colonial times, dance served as a way to tell stories and epics. Today, it still tells stories but also lets the body express itself in ways that words cannot. And for kids who are still learning about their bodies, dancing can also help them in these ways:

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1. Dance improves both physical and mental health

Dancing promotes movement which has been proven to be beneficial to physical and mental health, specifically boosting endurance, cardio, body coordination, and even self-awareness. Dancing with music provides a beat that subtly influences our kids’ minds to look deeper into itself.

What is the meaning of the song? How does the song make you feel? These are just some of the questions that dancing makes them reflect on.

2. It boosts one’s confidence and social skills

Confidence comes from awareness and dance encourages awareness in kids when the music starts to play. They start discovering how their bodies move in different ways and also which song is “their” song. Once the kids figure it out, they experiment with other songs. And how do they find those other songs? They ask around! Sometimes, they even join their school’s dance troupes to expand their playlist!

3. Enhances creativity and athleticism

Dance is a free-form sport which makes it applicable to almost any sport. When kids learn to control the amount of effort and force they need to put in their muscles, they eventually make this behavior instinctive. Eventually, kids who learn dancing will be able to climb over the learning curve of picking up other sports a lot faster because they can understand the movements better.

4. Teaches discipline

Dancers don’t become graceful overnight; there’s a lot of prep work to be done! Besides stretching the muscles to prevent injuries, kids learn how to be comfortable with some movements. Attending those dance practices, eating healthy food that will provide them a good supply of energy, and even sleeping well to be consistent — ultimately, kids learn that only discipline will get them far in dancing.

5. If they have the passion and talent, why not encourage the kids to try dancing?

It may take a little nudging but if your kids have real talent, encourage them to join competitions. Because when they do, so many doors will open for them. Some people have even made careers out of dancing; celebrity dad Gary Valenciano became famous because of the high energy in all his dance performances. Michael Jackson also became the King of Pop with his signature Moonwalk!

Source: dancesupremacy Instagram

Dance lets kids experience music with their whole body!

While encouraging our kids to learn how to play instruments encourages mathematical thinking, dancing can do the same. Some studies have even proven that dancing helps kids become interdisciplinary — they are quicker to adapt and learn because dance weaves different concepts together.

Since its founding in 2017, Dance Supremacy has been a hub of exceptional dance teams from across the Philippines. The event is not just a celebration of dance; it’s an immersive experience full of school spirit and beaming energy from audience support.

Whether you’re a dance enthusiast, a supporter of local talent, or someone who appreciates the art of performance, Dance Supremacy Kings & Queens 2024 is an event not to be missed. Kids will be strutting their stuff and showing their groove this coming Saturday on January 20, 2024 at The Theatre At Solaire, Parañaque City, Metro Manila.

And if you can’t watch in person, you can stream the competition and vote for your favorite team online!

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