These Videos Show Us What Second Born Kids Are Like (They’re Usually Silly!)

Moms with two kids close in age, we know you can definitely relate to this!

Why is it, that when you have two kids close in age, the second born is almost always the cheekiest one? No fail, it’s the second born kid who not only develops faster (we think it’s from all the copying and modeling they do of their ates and kuyas) but also stirs up the most trouble. Not that we’re complaining. Heck, we love our second born kids so much, some of us decided to stop at two.

When karma happens…

It usually happens when you’re feeling smug about your firstborn — you talk about what an easy child he/she was. What an angel, you’d find yourself saying to your friends when they asked you about having kids. You’d document all the amazing things your firstborn did and take all these edited photos — because you actually had the time and energy.

And then comes your second. You should consider yourselves lucky if you can get them to sit still for a photo. Want proof? Check out Steph Kienle-Gonzales’s adorable video of her daughters, Andrea and Arielle.

While Andrea’s struggling to play her song, her younger sister, Arielle, is a mood, for sure.

Mom-of-two Andi Manzano can definitely relate. Just check out the difference between her daughters Olivia and Amelia:

“This is how much Amelia loves her ate,” quips Andi.

Tough, but worth it

Photography: Stephanie Kienle-Gonzales via Instagram

Ask any parent of multiples and they’ll tell you that having more than one child is never easy. If you’re considering having another child, we’ll be frank — its a lot harder than just one kid. Because it is. But guess what, it’s really, really worth it. What doesn’t break us, makes us stronger — and better parents, right?

So tell us, are you ready for a second kid?

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