LOOK: Zia Dantes Wins a Bronze Medal for Swimming

We’re proud of you, Zia! Congratulations on your medal!

Celebrity kid and internet darling Zia Dantes recently won a bronze medal in swimming, based on Marian Rivera’s Instagram story. Since their new house has a pool, she has a place to train regularly and swimming is also a Dantes Family bonding activity. Marian Rivera also shared a picture of Zia with her coach, Coach Angelo Lozada, of Bert Lozada Swimming School.

School tournaments do have their merit.

While it’s not as big as an interscholastic or a regional tournament, everyone starts out by competing with their batch mates or schoolmates. There’s a lot of character growth to be had, especially when two friends have to go against one another. But Zia Dantes appears to be happy with her win as she holds her medal and so is her mom, Marian, who captions one of the photos in her Instagram story: “So proud of you, Mahal!”

Additionally, Marian posted a black-and-white photo of Zia at the starting line, possibly a shot right before the competition started.

Congratulations, Zia!

As parents, it’s only natural that we want our kids to win. But it doesn’t mean pressuring them to always win the gold medal. It’s still worth something, making it to the podium or even competing at all! It takes a lot of training and effort, something Marian recognized in Zia. Congratulations on the medal, Zia!

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