Families Can Add Zing Into Adulting With the New Del Monte Fruity Zing!

This new ad by Del Monte Fruity Zing shows how adding a burst of flavor to adulting can make life’s challenges a little more enjoyable.

Adulting is something we all go through. But even with past experiences and well-intentioned advice as our guide, there’s only so much school can teach us and our parents can do to prepare us for the real world.

Now as parents ourselves, things are different. In the past, dad used to worry about paying the bills, while mom was in charge of the grocery shopping and budgeting, but now, we have to do it ourselves—for our household. We’re in charge of making sure that our house is in one piece and that our kids are well-fed and taken care of. We’re the ones who have to pay our own bills and buy our own groceries. We have now become the adults whom we used to look up to.

Del Monte Fruity Zing commercial

And that can all be overwhelming.

This is why, whether it comes to navigating adulthood yourself or teaching our young adult children about the real world, we all need a breather. A pick-me-up moment, so to speak.

Facing adulthood with a renewed “Zing!”

Quick, happy breaks in-between your adulting responsibilities can do wonders—from taking self-care pampering sessions to binge watching your favorite shows, or even eating your favorite food. It’s in these peaceful moments that you can reset and recharge and face like with renewed zing!

Take for example the new Del Monte Fruity Zing—the Gen Z baby of the Del Monte family. Known for its array of healthy and delicious drinks, this juice puts the “zing!” in amazing—which is what adulting should be for everyone.

And true to its roots, the Del Monte Fruity Zing is made only from real fruit juices. But don’t let its seemingly basic appearance fool you—its duo flavors are sweet and refreshing. An absolute treat that will do wonders for your mood!

But don’t just keep the drinks to yourself. Get the family in on the action, too! Whether you gravitate towards the delightfully sweet combination of Apple-Lychee or crave the bright citrusy flavors of Calamansi-Lemon, the affordable Del Monte Fruity Zing is something the whole family can enjoy!

Del Monte Fruity Zing

Putting the “zing” in Del Monte Fruity Zing

Bring Zing into adulting by taking it from the girls at Del Monte. In the brand’s recent ad, we all get to see the woes of adulthood—encapsulated in never-ending receipts of complaints and grievances that seem to go on and on and on. But one sip from the Del Monte Fruity Zing and all those worries just seem to go away!

(How we wish there was a drink that can make our real life problems vanish so easily!)

While imaginary, it’s small breathers like these that make life more bearable. So choose from Apply-Lychee or Calamansi-Lemon, drink up, and face the day— all fueled up and refreshed. And now, you can really be the main character in your adulting journey!

Watch the (funny) ad here:

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The Del Monte Fruity Zing comes at an affordable SRP of PHP 25. It’s available in grocery stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide. You can even buy it on Lazada, Shopee, and the TikTok Shop!

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