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10 Of Our Favorite Influencers Have An Important Message About Health for All Of Us

When it comes to keeping it real about oral health, these peeps know what’s up!

Looking for new parents or heck, just anyone interesting to follow Instagram? We’ve found ten people who are all about keeping it real on social media — and it just so happens that some of them super Instagrammable kids AND sometimes, pets, too.

Modern Parenting recently partnered with Orahex and 10 social media influencers to talk about the importance of oral health. Scrolling your feed just got a whole lot more fun, thanks to these awesome folks!

10 Social media influencers to follow on Instagram

Marie Field Faith @mariefieldfaith

Mom of two @mariefieldfaith wears many hats. Not only does she have her own super cute kids’ furniture business, she’s also the founder of @fitmomsprojectph, a community that encourages healthy eating and exercise for moms. If you’re looking for #fitspo, cute furniture and uber photogenic kids, you’ll want to follow Marie ASAP! “I recently learned that the defense against COVID does not only start when we leave the house and does not stop when we get home. It should actually continue at home through our daily hygiene,” says Marie.

Ferdi Salvador @ferdisalvador

We love single dad @ferdisalvador ‘s heartwarming posts about his daughter, Carine. Check his feed for their bonding moments, fashion inspo and drool-worthy food. “I love that Orahex doesn’t burn your tastebuds and I love my food!” says Ferdi.

Audrey Pastelero @audspastelero

Check out @audspastelero’s feed and you’ll be greeted by a splash of color and two cheeky little boys. There’s no doubt that Audrey Pastelero’s love of color and patterns make her stand out, not to mention her TDF #OOTDs. “Forming good habits are really important at an early age, ” says Audrey. “We need to keep our mouths and throats healthy, so we won’t be susceptible to cavities or worse, catching a bug!”

Jes Tan Gan @jestangan

When it comes to all things mom life, you can count on @jestangan for sound advice. We especially love her useful product recommendations — they’re all eco and very baby friendly! “Toothbrushing can be a tough time for babies and toddlers, but what I’ve found is that it’s important to engage them and give them the chance to make choices — this is what makes it more enjoyable!” says Jes.

Bianca Santiago @biancassantiago

Easy, breezy — two words that come to mind when we think of @biancassantiago‘s effortless ‘fits. And yes, we’re in total envy of her plants and boho-chic home. “I’ve been talking to my kids about the importance of oral health and self-care and I love that I can introduce gargling and the benefits that go hand-in-hand with brushing their teeth,” Bianca shares.

Nicole Dela Cruz @nicolewdelacruz

This Taekwondo black belt, rock climber and professional longboarder is soon to be a mom of three! She’s the epitome of #fitspo with her crazy workout videos — she can do pull-ups with a 10KG vest! “The mouth is the gateway to our body,” explains Nicole. “So you’ll want to keep it clean and virus free with a mouthwash that kills germs and bacteria.”

Kat Maderazo @bentobykat

Just like a lot of moms, @bentobykat has been homeschooling her kids during the pandemic. Her family recently spent nine months in Baler, Aurora in beachfront bliss. And, it’s also where her son learned how to gargle — a very important part of oral hygiene, says Kat. Check out her insta for all the amazing photos!

Aliza Apostol-Goco @mustlovemom

Aliza Apostol-Goco aka @mustlovemom is absolute mom goals. She does all the housework, cooks, and manages to squeeze in workouts — while looking absolutely fab. And yes, she only uses a hot iron to achieve that amazing looking hair. “Being a wife of a chef means you’re constantly around food, which is why it’s important to have good oral health. With Orahex, you can be sure that your oral health is in good hands,” says Aliza.

Shari Poquiz @themistymom

Vlogger and single mom Shari Poquiz aka @themistymom not only has a killer athleisure wardrobe, she’s got the kicks to match. And yes, we all wish we had abs just like her. “Since we can’t go to the dentist as often, gargling with Orahex in the morning helps breakdown the buildup in our mouths as we sleep. It also keeps your breath really fresh, even if it’s alcohol free!” says Shari.

Tanya Maria Aguila @tanyamariaaguila

As One Life Studio’s boss lady, @tanyamariaaguila knows a thing or two about staying fit and keeping healthy. Heck, she’s written an entire article on it here. “Orahex has made our lives so much easier. We love that it’s recommended by doctors and dentists. It keeps our mouth clean and fresh throughout the day!” says Tanya.

Tell us, which of these social media influencers will you follow?

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