Meet Poppy, Scarlet Snow Belo’s New BFF

Oh, to be Scarlet Snow Belo — jet-setting and making awesome memories and newfound friends…

To usher in the New Year and celebrate their 15 year anniversary, Dr. Hayden Kho and Dr. Vicki Belo whisked their daughter, Scarlet Snow away on a safari escape in Kenya. It’s safe to say that lots of priceless memories were made. Here’s what they got up to:

From taking in the wildlife in the African savannas to the majestic views in a hot air balloon, the family had a safari adventure dreams are made of.

But nobody had a more wonderful time than Scarlet Snow. The animal-loving five year-old had her fill of giraffes, antelope, zebras and more during her trip. Her most memorable moment? Meeting Poppy, her new BFF.

Best friends forever!

The two met at the Sirkoi Lodge at the 62,000-acre Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya, an exclusive eco-friendly safari lodge offering bespoke experiences. Although Poppy was shy and quiet at first, the vivacious Scarlet was determined to make a friend — and so they were.

Poppy and Scarlett got up to all sorts of girly fun. From cooling off in Sirkoi’s luxurious swimming pool to playing croquet, the two girls had a ball of a time.

“We talked about many things, ” Scarlet shared, “but especially about animals and how they’re becoming fewer and fewer because of some greedy grown-ups. And so we formed our own kiddie conservation club called “The New Earth Heroes”. We will be the protectors of wildlife on earth!”

Parting is such sweet sorrow

The likeminded girls were especially sad when it came time to bid each other goodbye. As a parting gift, Scarlet Snow gave Poppy her favorite FlikFlak watch as a symbol of their friendship. “Every time she checks the time, she will remember me,” Scarlet explained.

With their new kiddie conservation club “New Earth Heroes” fully established, we don’t doubt that the two girls will stay in touch.

As parents, nothing is more endearing than seeing your child reach out and befriend another. It shows compassion and emotional intelligence in a way that nothing else can. Leave it up to our kids to show us how deep, meaningful connections transcend age. Let’s encourage our kids to develop and nurture warm, positive friendships, and to embrace new and different experiences. Not only will it help them enrich their social skills later on in life, it also helps them develop social and emotional skills.

Kudos to Doc Hayden and Doc Vicki for mindfully raising a wonderful daughter with so much awareness about the world around her. Her heart is pure and her light shines so bright. We are rooting for you Scarlet!

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