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Check Out The Amazing Potty Training Technique Iya Villania’s Using

Because aren’t poopy faces the cutest things?

Time flies so quickly! It seems as if it were only yesterday Iya Villania gave birth to her and husband Drew Arellano’s third child, Alana. Five months into the game and now Alana’s….potty trained?

Umm… how?

In a recent Facebook post, Iya Villania talked about putting her five-month-old baby, Alana, on the potty:

“This baby girl has been waking up at 4:30am to go to the toilet  then goes back down to sleep at 5:30am. She normally just feeds back to sleep but when I noticed that she unlatches and starts to kick around, then I figured that must be the cue that she needs to go 💩Have you guys tried sitting your baby on the toilet??? It’s crazy! You’ll be surprised! It’s almost so natural for them to poo in the toilet! It must be the pooping position. If you haven’t yet, take them when you know they normally poop, like in the morning or before bath time 🚽 and then make it a routine! #PottyTraining

Elimination Communication

Sounds to us like Iya’s been trying out elimination communication, or EC, where you basically read your child’s body language and facial expressions and use these to guide you on when to take your baby to the potty.

The main goal of elimination communication? To let your baby eventually go diaperless (do they even make tiny baby underwear?)!

Are you brave enough to try elimination communication?

For elimination communication to work, you’re going to need a lot of guts and be really awesome at reading your infant’s facial expressions. Also, you’ll need to have the patience to stick to a schedule.

How does it work?

Hold your baby at waist height (just like Iya did) on top of the toilet so that they’re in a squatting position. This way, the pee or poop (or sometimes both) flows freely downward. The more comfortable you get, you’ll find your favorite position and method to get baby to use the potty. Whee!

Be patient (again)

As with all forms of potty training, there will be accidents. And it’s bound to happen when you’re potty training an infant, because, well, they can’t really talk. Use this time to really get to know your baby — the more attention you pay to his or her cues, the more familiar you’ll be with what he or she wants, beyond using the potty.

Are you brave enough to try out Iya Villania’s potty training technique for yourself?

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