Lorin and Venice Bektas Reunite with Father Yilmaz After 15 Years

Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughters, Lorin and Venice Bektas, traveled to Istanbul to spend time with their father after 15 years.

Time indeed heals wounds for Ruffa Gutierrez as she posted reels of her daughters Lorin and Venice Bektas’ reunion with their father Yilmaz. On June 8, Ruffa wrote: “After 15 long years apart, a beautiful reunion will finally take place in Istanbul this weekend.”

 Ruffa then posted another video—this time sending off her two daughters to the airport.

Ruffa then posted the heartwarming reunion. It was clear that Yilmaz missed his two girls badly as he hugged them behind.

In God’s Perfect Time

In a new reel, Ruffa wrote about her daughters’ bonding time with their dad: “Trust in God’s perfect timing. It took patience and a whole lot of faith but everything was worth the wait.”

Lorin will release more details about the trip in a vlog. Ilknaz Bektas, their half-sister, also shared some photos of them together.

Lorin and Venice Bektas

In addition, Lorin published photos from the trip with the caption, “Finally.”

Lorin and Venice Bektas

Ruffa and Yilmaz were married from 2003 to 2007 before they separated. In an interview with Ogie Diaz last May, Ruffa said that Venice was able to reconnect with Yilmaz after his sister reached out to her. Ruffa recalled the conversation between the two, saying it was an emotional moment.

In 2012, their marriage was officially annulled and she and Yilmaz have since been trying to co-parent their daughters.

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