WATCH: Lorin Bektas Shares Moments With Her Sisters and Dad Yilmaz

In the vlog, Lorin Bektas thanked those who have been supportive of her and sister Venice’s reunion with their dad and why it was special for them.

Weeks after returning from Turkey, Lorin Bektas uploaded a vlog about the reunion trip she and her sister Venice had with their dad Yilmaz and sister Ilknaz.

In the video, Lorin and Venice reunited with Yilmaz, who they have not seen in 15 years. They also got a chance to bond with Iknah and other relatives. Iknah is their half-sister from their dad’s previous relationship.

The vlog included highlights of their trip to Hagia Sofia, a yacht trip, and dinners with Yilmaz.

Lorin Bektas: Thank you for the love

At the end of the clip, Lorin thanked those who have been sending kind messages to her and Venice since they came back from their trip. She also called out those who have been critical of the photos and videos she and her mom, actress Ruffa Gutierrez, posted on social media.

“Usually I shrug off negativity or whatever because it’s always going to be there. But if it’s actually something to do with something personal to my life, I’m just here asking like yes, we decided to share this part of our lives with you. Because obviously, this split between my mom and dad was very public,” she said.

“You can leave a hate comment on any other piece of content that I produce. And you can say whatever on any aspect of my life. But when it comes to this, especially me seeing my family again, just please be careful. Be sensitive with what you comment. Because this is possibly the most monumental moment of my life so far.”

Why Lorin Bektas Chose to Post

Lorin said that while she chooses to keep a lot of things private, she felt it was only right to share the video for people her age to learn from her experiences. “My main message to get across to you guys is that it is possible. It is possible. There were definitely moments in my life where I was convinced I didn’t know when I was going to see my father’s side again. I didn’t even know if I was going to touch Turkey again,” she opened up.

“And suddenly, I am at a point where I am on good speaking terms with my father and my father’s side. And he and my mom are now entering a new chapter of co-parenting me and my sister. If you told me this 5 years ago, I would not have believed you in my wildest dreams.”

Lorin Bektas, who is currently studying in the US, ended the message by saying it is possible to heal the relationships that were wounded after a painful separation.

“It is possible to move on. To grow even when it feels impossible The right people will come back into your life in God’s perfect timing.”

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