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Who Needs A Man? 8 Strong Single Celebrity Moms We Admire

Check out these inspiring celebrity mamas!

Of course, being a celebrity parent has its challenges, but possibly more so if you’re doing the roles of both a father and a mother. Despite the obstacles that single motherhood entails, these Filipina celebrity single moms prove that you don’t need a man to be a good parent—and they also look great while doing it!

These Single Moms are Independent and Happy

1: Cristine Reyes

mom and daughter wearing pretty dresses

This strong and beautiful actress is mom to daughter, Amarah. Initially, she and the father, Ali Khatibi, were married in 2016, but were separated in 2019. Browse the actress’ Instagram feed, and you’ll see just how close Christine and Amarah are.

2: Jennylyn Mercado

mom and son close up in white

Jennylyn has made us happy in many romantic comedies and dramedies, including All of You (co-starring Derek Ramsey) and Just the 3 of Us (co-starring John Lloyd). One of her sources of happiness? Currently, she is a loving single mom to Alex Jazz. Her son was born in 2008, with Patrick Garcia as the father. Indeed, Jennylyn is proof that single parents shouldn’t let comments or judgement get the best of you.

3: Kris Aquino

lady in pink with her two sons

Recently, Kris Aquino has made headlines for defending her son, Bimby (father is James Yap) and Josh (father is Philip Salvador) against bashers. Included in the rumors were Josh impregnating someone and Bimby being gay. We admire Kris for her bravery to face the rumors. On a whole, we also laud her for building a solid career, while being a doting mom to Josh and Bimby. Last March 21, she posted a tell-all against the online trolls and bullies. Watch it here.

4: Ruffa Gutierrez

daughters kissing parent

It seems like only yesterday when Lorin (18) and Venice (16) were the newly born babies of Ruffa to father Yilmaz Bektas. Now, Ruffa’s daughters are all grown up! Watch their interviews and you’ll see how well spoken and charming her kids are. In an Inquirer article, Lorin said that she only wants happiness for her mom. What a sweet thing to say, Lorin!

5: Ellen Adarna

 mom hugging daughter

She is blooming and her son, Elias, is the cutest. Ellen became a single mom, after she and actor, John Lloyd, split up. One of the challenges she had to go through as an individual? Recently, she opened up about overcoming depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, a huge mountain for anyone to climb. We’re so proud of her bravery and honesty, and we’re rooting for her success as a parent.

6: Jodi Sta. Maria

Filipina celebrity mother and son

Last December 2020, Jodi posted a touching birthday message for her son, Thirdy’s, 15th birthday and yes, we feel the love. Also last 2020, she posted about her son looking fit and toned. That was fast. It seems like those milk commercials just happened. Thirdy’s father, Panfilo Lacson, Jr. was shared by Jodi to be a good provider to their son and tells that she and her ex were friends.

7: Angel Aquino

Filipina celebrity mom and daughters in yellow

After 9 years of marriage, Angela and husband, Ian Bernandez, parted ways. Now, in 2021, this celebrity mom looks better than ever and is a mother to grown ups Iana Bernardez and Thea Bernardez. Iana was recently awarded Best Supporting Actress for Metamorphosis (Cinema Originals Award), while Thea is a Film major at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. What a proud mom Angel must be!

8: Pops Fernandez

Filipina celebrity mom and sons in white

Pops is mom to Robin and Ram. Being the ever supportive mom that she is, Robin shares that Pops actually paid the down payment for his first solo show. She and her two boys remain close. Pops even uploaded a video (edited and produced by: Robin Nievera) about Mother’s Day, featuring a song number with her sons! Pops and her ex-husband, Martin Nievera, have remained amicable and have even done concerts together.

What a gift it is to be a parent. Like anything in life, it isn’t perfect, but for sure the blessing of having a child is priceless.

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