Got A Picky Eater? The Corner Pantry Will Get You Sorted

When you’re #sodone with arguing with your kids about food, you can count on The Corner Pantry to come to the rescue

Parenting’s a tough job. And on some days (these days, especially), it can get absolutely crazy: waking up every few hours because baby’s teething, settling your five year-old’s homeschooling AND smashing through your meetings — it’s a lot! Throw in a picky kid to the mix and it all just goes downhill from there. Our current fave? The Corner Pantry’s selection of kiddie-friendly classics. We’re talking delish chicken nuggets, sausages , spaghetti sauce and breakfast food that the Modern Parenting kids (yes, all eight of them) love!

The best part? They deliver the same day, within 2 hours. Yup, even if you’ve forgotten to order bacon for your teen’s #breakfastfordinner, they’ll be able to send it straight away. And that’s a big relief for us busy moms, who’ve already got so much on our plates. Here’s the scoop on The Corner Pantry from one of its founders, Cara de Ocampo:

The feeding picky eaters pros

Mom Cara de Ocampo and her business partner, Cathy Dizon Romualdez are familiar with feeding picky eaters — in fact, their children are the inspiration behind The Corner Pantry! When it came to looking for better alternatives (preservative-free) to store bought kiddie faves such as chicken nuggets, corned beef and cheese dogs, they found that they were tough to find, or not readily accessible.

“We wanted staple pantry items that kids love, but healthier! I also am always on the lookout for really good meals to serve my family,” Cara shares. “And every thing in our kiddie-friendly line has been tried and tested by our own picky kids.” In fact, many parents have told Cara that The Corner Pantry’s chicken nuggets are their children’s all-time favorite meal. “We have parents hoarding packs because it’s the only thing their kids eat,” she says.

And it isn’t just kids who love The Corner Pantry’s offerings — parents love it too! Being foodies themselves, Cara and Cathy wanted tasty dishes that they personally crave for. “People always commend the quality of our food and that means the world to us,” Cara says.

Preservative-free, delicious pantry staples

The Corner Pantry is proudly preservative-free. “We champion clean food that tastes delicious. Quality control is our utmost priority and we make sure that everything tastes great and never scrimp on ingredients,” says Cara. As a mom, it’s important for Cara to know what goes into her child’s food, because she only wants the best quality for his health.

The success of The Corner Pantry

“Since we started out as an online, delivery-on-demand service in 2019, you can say we were at the right place at the right time. There wasn’t alot of pivoting to do. To be honest, we were really taken aback at the increase in sales and clientele due to the pandemic,” Cara explains. As the months went on, The Corner Pantry was able to expand its product line from about 12 items to 60, introducing new food lines including cooked food, zoom cooking lessons and even personalized kits for zoom parties. “Our expansion also came through launching a website and being available on other e-commerce platforms. We both love food and entertaining so this business came naturally to us.” Cara says.

So what’s new at The Corner Pantry? A lot! We’re talking delish summer coolers, perfect for the sunny weather and chewy, moist homemade cookies. Its Mango Tapioca Delight in particular, is a current favorite. We suggest serving it with ice to make it more refreshing!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out The Corner Pantry on its website or Instagram @cornerpantry

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