Throwing A Birthday Party At Home? Make These Kiddie Party Classics

Delish kiddie birthday party recipes you can whip up in a jiffy!

We’ve been stuck at home for almost a year now, which means our kids’ usual birthday parties are a no-go. While we’ve been trying to keep the kids busy during the GCQ by playing board games or taking them for walks, planning their birthday parties takes a whole lot of skill. Our top tip? Keep it low-key and simple with home cooked kiddie birthday party classics. Here we go!

Best kiddie birthday party recipes

1. Birthday Cake

Kid's Birthday Recipes - Birthday Cake

At the top of our list is something any celebrant would look forward to — their birthday cake! Welcome your kid’s birthday with this delicious chocolate birthday cake by Add A Pinch. Our tip? Use your little munchkin’s favorite colors for the frosting!

2. Spaghetti

Kid's Birthday Recipes - Spaghetti

Let’s all admit it, spaghetti bolognese is probably the most kid-friendly pasta recipe ever! Best to serve with garlic or toasted butter bread, the whole family will surely love eating this!

3. Fried chicken

Kid's Birthday Recipes - Chicken

Crispy, juicy and tasty — what’s not to love? This chicken recipe is so easy to do and it’s perfect for sharing! There’s a secret recipe that makes it extra unique! Check All Recipes to find out.

4. Mashed Potatoes

Kid's Birthday Recipes - Mashed potatoes

Short on time? You can make and chill these mashed potatoes up to two days before the big day! Our tip? Just reheat gently with a little more dairy.

5. Nachos

Kid's Birthday Recipes - Nachos

Amp up your appetizers with Simply Recipe’s easy peasy nacho recipe! The good news: you can prepare this snack in just 10 minutes with a handful of ingredients. You can make cheddar cheese, salsa or truffle sauce for the dip! Your choice, momma!

6. Chocolate Poppers

Kid's Birthday Recipes - Chocolate Poppers

These chocolate poppers are easy to make and great for small occasions. Our bet? The kiddos will hoard these sweet chocolate covered bites! But moms, make sure they don’t eat them in one go please!

7. Pizza

Kid's Birthday Recipes Pizza

Forget takeaway pizzas and get the kids involved in making their own mini pizza! Experiment with different toppings such as pepperoni, pineapple, ham, cheese and more! We guarantee this is going to be a fun and exciting activity for everyone!

8. Fruit Popsicles

Kid's Birthday Recipes - Fruit Popsicles

Of course the list won’t be complete without the kid’s favorite — Fruit Popsicles! The kiddos will definitely enjoy eating this tasty treat! The good news: it won’t just make them happy, but healthy too!

We at Modern Parenting love food so we hope we get to help you in planning for your kid’s birthday! Whether you celebrate it grand or simple, your kids will surely appreciate all these little things you do for them.

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