Family Game Night? Play These Awesome Kid-friendly Board Games

Kid-friendly board games that’ll take family bonding to the next level

Here’s a new way to spend your weekend evenings with the family — playing board games! It’s a great distraction from those pesky screens, plus, it’s a chance for the kids to get their thinking caps on while having fun at the same time. We’ve rounded up our fave kid friendly board games for your next family game night.

Best kid-friendly board games

1. Connect 4

Connect 4 is a great, classic game for younger kids who aren’t used to the idea of sitting around and playing board games. It’s so easy to learn and play, most families end up playing several rounds through the night.
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2. Guess Who

If your kids love guessing games, they’ll love Guess Who. All they need to do is choose a mystery character, and using yes or no questions, figure out the other player’s mystery character.
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3. Monopoly

For more patient (and competitive) kids, Monopoly is another classic game that’s worth adding to your board game collection. You’ll want to keep this away from the younger ones as it has many small parts and accessories that could easily get lost. Also, be prepared for tears (yours AND the kids) when someone has a hefty rent bill to settle.
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4. Operation

Your budding med students will love Operation — it’s their first shot removing and connecting body parts! Not only does it teach kids fine motor skills, it’s heaps of fun hearing that buzzer go off!
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5. Sorry!

Although the game is recommended for kids ages 6 and up, our four year old was a big fan of Sorry! All players need to do is get all three of their pawns from Start to Home. But its not so easy when you have other players trying to bump you!
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6. Trouble

Just like Sorry!, Trouble is all about racing to get one’s game pieces around the board. It’s great for younger players because the plastic bubble keeps the dice from getting lost and it’s easy to set up.
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7. Snakes and Ladders

Here’s a sneaky way to get your kids to practice counting: Snakes and Ladders! This traditional game is as easy as it looks — just roll the dice and move your pawn across the board! And yes, it also teaches kids (and reminds us of) the value of patience.
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8. Candyland

Kids love the colorful kid-friendly Candy Land board game and all the sweet illustrations and surprises that come along with it. The rules? Just draw cute cards to guide their gingerbread men along the rainbow path to be the first to reach King Kandy’s Castle!
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9. Catan

Catan is one of those games that could make or break a friendship — and in this case, could cause quite the family feud. Who knew that a game about cotton, wood, brick could be so exciting… and so evil…

And yes, this board game is best suited for older kids. Or you could save it for game night with your friends.
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10. Chess

Fans of the Queen’s Gambit will agree that Chess is a game that every kid should learn. And yes, it’s perfect for introducing the art of strategy to young ones.
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11. Cranium

This kid-friendly board game is great for competitive families with older children (16 and above, preferably). Roll the dice and show off your hidden talents. Whether it’s in acting, drawing, sculpting or random facts , all you need to do is complete a challenge and win.
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12. Jenga

Although technically not a board game, Jenga is as kid-friendly as they come. The goal? Remove the wooden tiles one by one and place it back on the top ’til someone topples it over.
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13. Rummikub

What we love most about Rummikub is that it’s fun AND challenging for both kids and adults. The rules are simple and yet the game teaches kids so much — sequencing, pattern recognition, and planning skills.
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Ready to play? Just remember, all is fair in love and… board games!

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